SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 14, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Kloop Inc. is pleased to announce the release of its iOS app in Apple’s United States, Canada and United Kingdom app stores.

Kloop is designed to help the members of its community organize and share their interests. Members can get recommendations on any articles or receive news update on their interests.

Members can create as many channels as they have interests and invite different groups of friends to collaborate. Each member can share the best of the web from the Kloop’s integrated browser or from their favorite apps. They also benefit from a personalized discovery service. This service lets them expand on any topic and delivers recommended articles for all their channels.

We are experiencing an ever-growing and always more diversified flow of information. This coupled with the facts that we have dozens of interests and many groups of friends to share with and learn from, challenges our ability to retrieve and share information effectively.  To make this challenge even worse, hoaxes and fake news are invading our feeds. The two founders Nicolas Maquaire and Raphael Jean designed Kloop to solve this growing concern. They believe distributed content curation and artificial intelligence applied to web content are the best solutions for taking back the reins of our information flow.  

Kloop is an iOs App with the back-end running on Google Cloud Platform.  Kloop relies on multiple neural networks for it’s personalized discovery service and for categorizing information. Kloop uses the latest technologies available for processing the flow of information and vectorizing words and documents.

Kloop is available in English only and is a free app:

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