THOUSAND OAKS, Calif., July 12, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Combining data-driven, evidence-based treatment with a fresh approach that focuses on total health and wellness, Alsana, an Eating Recovery Community with 10 locations nationwide, has been established to provide superior care and help people on their journey to a recovered life.

Alsana offers new hope for clients with eating disorders

From the Latin root meaning “all” or “total health,” Alsana offers a new philosophy of care that is centered on clients’ full well-being, addressing the aspects of eating disorders that often go untreated in traditional recovery programs. At the heart of this approach is the Alsana Adaptive Care Model, a five-point foundation that empowers clients to pursue wellness in every area of human experience, integrating medical, nutrition, and therapeutic care with movement and relational therapies.

“At Alsana, our desire is to change a culture that promotes disordered eating by reclaiming the definition of a ‘healthy’ life to be one of vitality, body acceptance, wellness, and self-love,” said Jennifer Crute Steiner, Alsana CEO. “We believe that recovery is possible when all aspects of the individual are cared for with compassion and evidence-based practices.”

The Alsana Adaptive Care Model was developed through a collaboration of the world’s leading experts in eating disorder treatment, and focuses on five dimensions of health:

  • Therapeutic: Under the leadership of Nicole Siegfried, PhD, CEDS, therapy at Alsana is centered on an understanding of the complexity of eating disorders and their underlying biological, behavioral, and environmental influences. Therapy is provided with compassion and acceptance to create a collaborative environment in which clients stabilize symptoms, process underlying issues, and integrate changes to create a life worth living based on values and a sense of purpose.
  • Nutritional: Led by Tammy Beasley, RD, LD, CSSD, CEDRD, Alsana’s nutrition program integrates the balance of nourishment and pleasure within a real-world environment to restore a nurturing relationship with both food and body. This dimension is focused on helping clients learn to experience food, meals, cooking – and even grocery shopping – with joy.
  • Medical: Under the leadership of Terry Eagan, MD, and Lyn Goldring, RN, CEDRN, Alsana’s medical program is based on building health resilience to provide a physical foundation of recovery. From initial assessment to ongoing care from psychiatrists and the compassionate nurses who help build back health one day at a time, the Alsana medical team collaborates to put clients’ health first.
  • Movement: Led by Brian Cook, PhD, Alsana’s movement program is built on evidence-based treatment that integrates progressive levels of movement as healing for both body and mind. Alsana teaches clients how to enjoy and relish everyday activity and exercise in an adaptive way.
  • Relational: Under the leadership of Beata Lundeen, SD, Alsana’s relational program provides guidance and support for clients to explore and grow their own sense of purpose as part of the recovery process. Alsana understands that individuals recover through developing relationships with others and themselves, as well as connecting to a deeper sense of purpose and direction. Alsana’s team is intentional about fostering this aspect of treatment to create a sustainable recovery.

Throughout treatment, staff from all five dimensions meet daily to discuss individual client progress and adjust interventions as needed. In addition, treatment teams collaborate on activities that encompass all dimensions, allowing clients to develop integration among all areas and gain perspective on what it means to step into a recovered life.  

“We are focused on creating an entirely new kind of eating disorder recovery community – one in which clients come first, and proven treatment methods are infused with compassion and care,” Crute Steiner said. “We are introducing a tailored, collaborative approach to treat the individual – not the disorder – ultimately leading to recovery and setting clients on the path to live a full and healthy life.”

Alsana offers six eating recovery communities in California, located in Westlake Village, Santa Barbara and Monterey, as well as three locations in St. Louis, Mo., and one location in Birmingham, Ala. To learn more about Alsana, visit Anyone who suffers from an eating disorder or has a loved one who may need treatment should call 888-822-8938.


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