SANTA CLARA, Calif., Oct. 11, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Ampere™, which is developing an Arm®-based server platform for the future of hyperscale cloud and edge computing, today introduced a new developer platform and program to facilitate the open development of next-generation cloud applications. The new Lenovo server platform with Ampere’s eMAG™ processors is available now for purchase and developers can order by visiting Ampere’s new developer web site.

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«The Ampere developer program provides openness and is a place to find tools, documentation and developer collaboration that will drive adoption of our products,» said Mauri Whalen, vice president of software engineering at Ampere. «We are already working with communities such as Packet, WorksOnArm, OpenJDK and participating in open projects like the Linux Kernel, gcc/llvm, OpenBMC and other cloud technologies to ensure compatibility with our eMAG platform. By providing access to a development environment with open standards and full open documentation, we can expand the ecosystem and optimize the developer experience to innovate on cloud applications not yet imagined.»

The new developer program includes the following tools and resources:

  • Forums
  • Documentation
    • Ampere eMAG Technical Readiness Manual
    • Ampere Linux Kernel Optimization Guide

Ampere’s eMAG Arm processors are building the foundation of the new cloud frontier. eMAG processors are purpose-built for large-scale public and private cloud environments, delivering advantages through high-performance cores, high-speed connectivity, high memory throughput and carrier-grade reliability. Ampere’s eMAG products are shipping now to customers.

Demonstrations of the eMAG processor in action will be shown at Arm TechCon Booth #1701:

  • Live Cassandra demo showcasing eMAG performance
  • Live demo of a Kubernetes cluster running on eMAG
  • Live demo running Android in the cloud on eMAG

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Product Brief

About Ampere
Ampere is designing the future of hyperscale cloud and edge computing with its 64-bit Arm server processor architecture. Born in and built for the cloud with a modern architecture, Ampere gives customers the freedom to accelerate the delivery of the most memory-intensive applications such as artificial intelligence, big data, machine learning and databases in the cloud. The Ampere eMAG family of products delivers the highest memory throughput and lowest TCO tailored for the emerging growth of cloud computing and next-generation data centers. For more information, visit

Ecosystem Support

Packet/Works on Arm
«The Ampere developer program is working with Packet and Works on Arm to give developers access to Ampere technology. Using Works on Arm, Ampere hardware is available through the program and will result in new developer opportunities to innovate for the future of the cloud.»

Jacob Smith, Co-founder and CMO, Packet 

Red Hat
«Red Hat and Ampere are collaborating to enhance the experience of developers working on emerging Arm server platforms. We are excited to see Ampere taking strides to further build the developer ecosystem. «

Jon Masters, chief Arm architect and computer microarchitecture lead, Red Hat

«Oracle and Ampere have a shared view of Arm technology’s value and are working together to help ensure that Oracle’s industry leading cloud solutions are interoperable and perform well on Ampere’s platform. The recent release of Oracle Linux for Arm is a result of our collaboration. It’s free to download and use, and includes developer support and updates. With a large number of libraries, tools, and programming languages, Oracle Linux for Arm is an ideal development platform.»

Wim Coekaerts, senior vice president, Operating Systems and Virtualization Engineering, Oracle

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