LOS GATOS, Calif., Sept. 13, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Import.io has added features that enhance ease-of-use and provide significantly increased value for business users. Hundreds of user interface changes allow easy access, download and analysis of web data as well as predefined capabilities for detecting and reporting on data changes and comparing multiple sites. Enterprise customers use the data and analysis tools in decisions about strategy, markets, pricing, investments, and more.

New reports supply valuable and relevant information on changes on a website (Change Reports) and data comparisons across multiple websites (Comparison Reports). Reports can be delivered by email and can be run hourly, daily, or weekly and shared with customers and colleagues using the Import.io portal.

Change Reports – Show anything that changes on a given webpage, for instance pricing of competitor products, competitor hotel room rates, ranking of media, customer sentiment grading, bank rate changes, or anything that can be measured. The scheduled reports show just what’s changed in each user-defined period. Change Reports also show what has been added or removed from a web site, such as when products are no longer offered on a retail site or new properties become available for sale or rent in a given area. For example, a wholesaler uses Import.io to monitor and track prices on their retail partner sites to ensure their products are never priced below MAP (Minimum Advertised Price).

Another example is a hotel chain that is using Import.io to ensure their hotel room prices are not only competitive with those in the markets they serve, but also not too low that they are hurting their margins. Manually monitoring every competitor hotel websites is time consuming and subject to human error. Import.io Change Reports allow them to monitor multiple hotel pricing websites, showing what hotels have changed room prices for a given period of time, such as a holiday weekend or a big event. In the example below, our customer wanted to monitor hotel room price changes leading up to a conference in San Jose.

Sample Import.io Change Report

Comparison Reports – Show data over multiple websites and allows users to compare attributes such as product offerings, inventory, or pricing. For items names that are not an exact match, the reports use proprietary “fuzzy matching” logic. The report below is scheduled to run monthly to help our customer easily compare pricing with their biggest competitor. 

Sample Import.io Comparison Report

Portal – Once reports or data tables are created, users can choose to share this information with others through their Import.io portal. Access to the portal does not require an Import.io login so can be shared to a wide audience. The data creator can choose which reports to share in the portal for use by multiple team members. This is especially helpful for teams that need to share data for market or investment research, such as Import.io customers PwC and Accenture.

Sample Import.io Portal

Import.io customer ClearMetal is a Predictive Logistics company using data science to unlock unprecedented efficiencies for global trade. They are using Import.io to mine all container and shipping information in the world then feed predictions back to companies that run terminals. “Import.io allows us to keep a recorded history of how things are moving throughout the world, so we can create awesome predictive technologies on top of this data.” 

“Data is changing the world and Import.io is changing access to data,” said Gary Read, CEO, Import.io. “By allowing websites to be converted into machine readable data sets, it not only helps our business users stay competitive and make informed decisions, but also presents the foundation for academic, scientific, and journalistic research, improving conditions in health, safety, and the environment for the betterment of the world.”

About Import.io

Import.io enables customers to tap into the power of data to change the world. Our SaaS solutions convert the mass of information on websites into structured, machine readable data with no coding required. Import.io also offers automated, scheduled reporting on data changes and comparisons and the ability to store and share data through a portal. Over 600 paying customers, including enterprises such as PwC, Accenture, Uber, and Microsoft, and many small to medium size companies use Import.io for retail price monitoring, market research, investment research, machine learning, customer sentiment tracking, and more. You can reach Import.io at hello@import.io.

Press contact: Sharon Bell, sharon.bell@import.io


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