LOS ANGELES, Nov. 17, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Elvy Musika, one of four medical cannabis patients who receive their medicine from the United States Government, will appear on Cannabis Planet this weekend.  This little-known government program originally had 13 patients, yet nine have passed away from their illnesses.  Musika, who suffers from Glaucoma, will speak out about the hypocrisy of the federal government having cannabis listed as a Schedule 1 drug (no medical value), yet they provide her with cannabis as a medicine! The government also owns four patents on the medical properties of the cannabis plant, which makes the Schedule 1 listing somewhat hypocritical if not confusing.

Elvy Musika gets her medicine from the U.S. Government!

“The government knows that this plant is a medicine,” claims Musika who receives 300 marijuana cigarettes each month from Uncle Sam since 1989! That’s right, for the past 28 years, the U.S. Government has been supplying Musika with cannabis from their farm at the University of Mississippi.

Dead & Company is the latest incarnation of the legendary band the Grateful Dead since the passing of Jerry Garcia. Oteil Burbridge, the bassist for Dead & Co. will speak out about the benefits of cannabis this weekend on Cannabis Planet television.  “I think that we need to accept herbal medicine in our lives as a natural alternative to Big Pharma, Cannabis is the answer and has been proven to be safer than alcohol,” Burbridge said.

Cannabis Planet is an educational television program about the benefits of marijuana, they bring their message of food, fuel, fiber and medicine into millions of TV households weekly across the U.S. The thirty-minute program airs every weekend in prime time on independent stations across the country. (Listings available at: www.cannabisplanet.com/find-us-on-tv/)

Weekly features include Cannabis Cooking with Chef Mike Delao, Hemp Facts with newscaster Pat Finerty and the “Higher Perspective,” an esoteric look at the plant from comedian Ngaio Bealum and a musical guest.

Banned by the major satellite services, Cannabis Planet still reaches their viewership via independent, full-power transmission stations whose signals are “must-carry” to all television providers within each specific market.  Every week, the show broadcasts in Los Angeles (KJLA), Chicago (WOCK), Philadelphia (WACP), Washington D.C. (WMDE) and Palm Beach (WHDT).  The program is also available online at www.CannabisPlanet.com

Sneak Preview – https://vimeo.com/236648975

Photos – https://www.cbsnews.com/pictures/free-pot-federal-program-ships-marijuana-to-four/

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Oteil Burbridge, bassist for Dead & Co. is also a cannabis activist.

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