LOS ANGELES, Sept. 20, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Radianz countertops are comprised of natural quartz, one of earth’s strongest materials, providing the beauty of natural stone with superior durability. Unlike granite or marble, Radianz surfaces are non-porous and impervious to moisture and staining. Because of its high-density, Radianz materials are extraordinarily resistant to marring, physical impact and high temperatures, providing a surface that will retain its good looks in even the most active environments.

Radianz surfaces deliver the beauty of natural stone with the superior durability of quartz.

Radianz countertops require no sealing and little maintenance to stay in superior condition. Because the non-porous surface resists liquids, there is virtually no risk of permanent stains from everyday spills such as coffee, juices and wine. Common cleansing products can be used on Radianz surfaces, and daily cleaning is as simple as wiping the surface with a damp cloth and anti-bacterial cleaning solution.  

“Radianz quartz material offers better color consistency than granite, with homogeneous color and texture across the entire surface,” said Dale Mandell, director of business development, LOTTE Advanced Materials USA, Inc. “While granite and marble countertops are porous and need to be sealed regularly, Radianz surfaces are ultra-durable and color-fast, never requiring sealing or polishing.”

The physical properties of Radianz quartz material ensures long-lasting color consistency and continuity, hallmarks of the brand. The line consists of more than 50 nature-inspired colors available in a multitude of unique patterns and hues, giving designers and consumers endless design possibilities.

Radianz countertops are ideally suited for spaces where both beauty and durability are necessary, including commercial settings, residential kitchens and bathrooms, healthcare facilities, as well as restaurants and hotels. Quartz surfaces perform well in high-use environments such as active homes, food service counters and hotel lobbies. In addition, Radianz is registered with the Health Product Declaration® (HPD) Collaborative and is certified by NSF International for use in food service environments, ensuring the brand as a safe and hygienic option.

About LOTTE Advanced Materials
LOTTE Advanced Materials manufactures and markets high-performance decorative surfacing materials for homes and businesses around the globe. Originally part of the Samsung family of companies, LOTTE Advanced Materials is rapidly expanding its North American presence through the company’s solid-surface brand, Staron, a seamless and thermo-formable, acrylic product suitable for a wide range of commercial applications. The quartz surface brand, Radianz, is a premium, color-controlled countertop alternative that is designed and engineered to be ultra-durable. Through cutting-edge technology and insights into worldwide market trends, LOTTE Advanced Materials continues to excel in today’s surface industry.

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