FREMONT, Calif., June 13, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Royole Corporation is bringing Father’s Day gift giving into the 21st Century this year with two suggestions that Dads will love. They are the company’s award-winning Moon 3D Mobile Theater and their RoWrite Smart Writing Pad. Both products capitalize on Royole’s patented flexible sensor technologies.

Moon gives dads an unequaled mobile cinematic experience he won’t soon forget; RoWrite combines traditional pen and paper experience with digital capture and share advantages.

«Dads are special at Royole and either of these two products will make any Dad feel extra special,» said Royole’s Sr. Director of Marketing, Michael Williams. «He may smile and gush over argyle socks and golf balls, but we think the Moon or RoWrite will make him break into his happy dance. And the good thing about both is they are easy to use, even if Dad isn’t the most technologically savvy.»

Moon 3D Mobile Theater
Designed and engineered for movies, gaming, and more, Moon will provide Dad with the highest quality mobile cinematic and gaming experiences available. It combines two Full-HD 1080p AMOLED displays at over 3000ppi resolution that simulate a giant curved screen with stereoscopic 3D, and hi-fidelity active noise-cancelling headphones. The combination delivers cinematic movie-watching and immersive gaming experiences anywhere Dad desires.

Moon’s patented foldable design (the world’s first in a headset), ultra-soft headphone covers, and premium breathable eye cover ensure comfort, even after long periods of continuous use. Its advanced-optics design allows most eyeglass wearers to use Moon without their lenses. It is packed with ergonomic features to avoid eye fatigue and dizziness and provide hours of wearing comfort.

Embedded in the right ear pad, Royole’s flexible sensors provide users full control of menu navigation while eliminating the need for an external controller. 32GB of internal storage makes Moon truly mobile. Movies, videos, and images can be saved directly onto the Moon Box and when fully charged, can play media for up to five hours.

Moon can source movies from smartphones, gaming consoles, and PCs, as well as accessing content from nearly any internet-based service, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, YouTube, and more. It also can enhance gaming experiences on popular platforms, including PlayStation, Wii, Xbox, and others. With 2D/3D format auto-detection, Dad will experience content the way it was designed to be enjoyed.

RoWrite Smart Writing Pad
Utilizing Royole’s advanced flexible sensor technology, RoWrite offers Dad an improved, more intuitive, tactile experience of pen to paper rather than the less-than-ideal experience of writing directly on a tablet. Using standard ink and paper, Dad can accurately capture, store, and share his handwritten notes and sketches as he puts them to paper. Whatever it is, and however it looks, its reproduced directly onto any smart device, where it can be digitally saved. 2048 force-touch handwriting sensitivity ensures an accurate representation of his written material with no writing break-off or delay, capturing all of the subtle strokes.

The companion RoWrite App allows Dad to edit or enhance digital copies in real-time, such as selecting from different writing instruments, changing stroke thickness, or adding up to 20 colors. He can even digitally erase, and capture video of his creation to share with coworkers, family, and friends.

Here are a few applications where Dad will find the Royole RoWrite to be a must-have, handy tool:

  • At work to save or share notes with co-workers or supervisors;
  • To quickly sketch ideas and send directly to supervisors or clients for real-time feedback; 
  • To prepare renderings to send for critiquing and/or approval;
  • Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics endeavors that entail writing formulae, diagrams, integrals, chemical compounds, etc. that are more easily done with the human hand than to input into a digital device using a keyboard;
  • Or, simply for the fun of creating ‘stuff’ for his own enjoyment.

Royole’s patented flexible display and flexible sensor technologies can be integrated into a variety of products and applications to improve the way people perceive and engage with their personal environments – from consumer electronics, to smart transportation, smart home, sports and fashion, office and education, robotics, and more. This is the heart of Royole’s Flexible+ Platform.

Pricing and Availability
The Royole Moon 3D Mobile Theater is available at, Brookstone, and InMotion, as well as select retail locations across the country. It has an MSRP of $799.99. The unit is available in three Dad-pleasing colors: black, white, and gold.

The Royole RoWrite comes with an elegant and functional textured cloth folio and is available at, and Brookstone, as well as select retail locations across the country. It has an MSRP of $129.99.

About Royole Corporation
Founded by Stanford engineering graduates in 2012, Royole’s mission is to improve the way people interact with and perceive their world. The company creates and manufactures next-generation human-machine interface technologies and products including advanced flexible displays, flexible sensors, and smart devices. Technology milestones include the world’s thinnest full-color AMOLED flexible displays and flexible sensors (2014), the world’s first foldable 3D mobile theater (2015), the world’s first curved car dashboard based on flexible electronics (2016), the first smart writing pad, RoWrite, based on flexible sensors (2017), and the volume production of Royole’s quasi-G6 mass production campus for fully flexible displays (2018).

Royole has received numerous global awards for its technological innovations and fast growth. Holding over 1800 IPs, it provides IP licenses, services, mass production, and solutions for flexible electronics applications with its novel «Flexible+» platform. Royole, backed by leaders in global finance, has begun producing fully flexible displays in volume from its 1.1-million-square-foot quasi-G6 mass production campus in Shenzhen, China with a total investment of $1.7B. Royole has offices in Fremont, CA, Hong Kong, and Shenzhen, China. For more information, please visit:

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