SAN JOSE, Calif., June 12, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — One of the leading AI solutions provider – Infrrd Inc has added another smart and useful feature to its OCR tool. Image Stitching- This feature makes it easy for the users to extract information from a lengthy receipt, bill or a document.

«Our primary focus was to delve deeper into the problem of our users not being able to process a long document. Not all bills can be of a standard size, so we decided to improve the capability of our existing OCR solution in a way where data from even the larger receipts/ invoices/ documents can be extracted without compromising on the quality of the results,» says Pallav Tandon, VP of Product Engineering at Infrrd.

Even the best document scanners fail if the picture of the document is cropped or captured as separate images.

Infrrd OCR’s computer vision and image processing technique stitches together individual images, each containing a partial view of the document, into a mosaic view of the entire document. The images of a long bill or document is submitted by the user as a URL which gets processed by the OCR engine to form a single specific bill image. The stitched image is then extracted to provide the required data to users. The final image URL is also sent to the user along with the result, for future reference.

Infrrd already has a mobile image capture SDK that lets users capture long receipts easily. But there was a gap for customers who have existing images taken without the SDK. This new image stitching feature for existing images fits that gap perfectly.

Marking the sequence of the image URLs by the user prior to sending it, makes it simple for Infrrd’s OCR to stitch multiple images. However, it’s equally capable of doing so without the sequence numbers. The overall processing time depends on the number of images being submitted. The more the number of image links, the more is the extraction time.

Image stitching OCR is a need that the current customers are facing and is expected to grow immensely in the future.

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