MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Oct. 12, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Mountain View-based Ucodec Inc. announces the release of UC265,  its HEVC SDK that saves up to 15% in bandwidth and is 40% faster compared with the latest version of x265.

UC265 saves up to 15% bandwidth compared with the latest x265.

Open source and commercial HEVC encoders do not always live up to their claims of high performance. In contrast, all components of UC265 are thoroughly researched, highly refined, and meticulously optimized to yield uncompromised coding efficiency and speed.

“In a recent in-house comparison with x265 version 2.5, UC265 compared very favorably to x265,” said Dr. Linfeng Zhang, President of Ucodec. “UC265 produced the same quality video as x265 in “placebo” mode (x265’s most efficient mode) with a bit rate savings of up to 15%. At the same time, UC265 runs 40% faster than x265.”

With superiority in both coding efficiency and speed, UC265 makes a compelling case for companies looking to replace older-generation video codecs. “Broadcast, online streaming and real-time communications equipment manufacturers can finally enjoy the advantages of HEVC — cutting the cost of bandwidth by 50%” continued Dr. Zhang. UC265 supports both HEVC MAIN and MAIN10 profiles on x86 and ARM platforms, covering all popular devices and most video-related applications.

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