LOS ANGELES, May 17, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Los Angeles-based Technology Company Export Portal will continue its 100 country tour and its Blockchain conversation with manufacturers and thought leaders throughout Russia and the CIS next week at the ECOM EXPO ’18 event in Moscow May 21-24th.  Export Portal believes that blockchain-based trade is the only way to lead the world in the conversion towards the 4th industrial revolution in these next few years.

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Countries around the world are looking to excel in the Blockchain space.  Dubai, Russia, America, and other countries want to be in the fast lane of this wave of integrity-based trade.  Export Portal CEO Ms. Ally Spinu is attending the event with the intention of opening discussions with the government administrators, SME, and supply chain leaders in the e-Commerce and Blockchain space.  There are no restrictions as to how much international import-export trade can be transacted in this digital age.

Ms. Spinu stated, “Export Portal has moved beyond the proof of concept phase and is ready for our next expansion phase.  Russia, South East Asia, or the Middle East will be where the next intellectual, technological, and blockchain trade war will be won.”

For those wishing to meet with Export Portal’s head of International Business Development in advance of the ECOM EXPO ’18 event, please reach us at:
WhatsApp:  +1 (818)213-6181
May 21-24:  +1 (818)965-9399
We speak Russian:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8g8fvH7MgrI

About Export Portal & ExportPortal.com:
Ever-rising privacy/data concerns; trillions in illegal trade; lost wages & taxes as well as inefficient shipping documentation & visibility along with too many middlemen and bloat are just a few of the reasons why the American-made international B2B Export Portal ecosystem was conceived long before the current hype-confusion.  Global mSMEs are tired of the fraud, are fearful of entering new markets and are hungry to try their hand at international trade.

Before there was religion, politics or common languages, protocols and sanctions…there was trade.  Export Portal IS Verified Businesses Only (VBO).  Country Brand Ambassadors, Writers, Bloggers & Vloggers wanted.  Inquire @ Careers@exportportal.com.

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