SAN DIEGO, June 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — «I started the company with no budget, just few customers who were my friends and believing that my business would be short lived,» said Ishay Shen. »I naively thought that once the larger companies find out just how efficient and cost effective those exfoliation gloves are, they will want to pass on that news onto their customers,» she adds.

15 years later and the Baiden Skincare company is still going strong, right under the noses of the big competitors.

»We could not figure out why big skin care companies did not want to have anything to do with the product. We knew from our manufacturers that a couple of them ordered samples, but nobody got back to them on it. It was a mystery, until we followed the money. It might be, it was not financially viable to promote something that not only was super effective, did not need to be replaced for up to 2 years and made a myriad of other products obsolete.»

Surprisingly, the Baiden Skincare company not only survived for all this time, but also flourished, supported by tens of thousands devoted customers who come back year after year and spread the word far and wide. Today, the company has customers in close to 100 countries – mostly from the word of mouth.

»We must be the only company in the world that encourages our customers to buy less skincare products, not more, and we still keep growing,» Shen laughs.

The company worked with the manufacturer to ensure that the products are of the best quality possible. »It took us a year of hard work to achieve that goal,» says Shen. »We started with a product that was disposable, low quality with elements of toxicity and reworked it into a top exfoliation tool we are proud to sell.»

The company puts a very strong focus on ethics. The materials are ethically sourced, manufactured in a family owned plant with a strong history of fair trade. »We did not cut any corners,» Shen says. »We take our responsibility to the Earth and her people very seriously.»

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Ishay Shen, Baiden Skincare founder

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