LOS ANGELES, June 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The health services economy is witnessing the flow of over a trillion dollars every year. In a booming industry that is growing at a steep rate, companies are scrambling to get ahead of the game. By providing more cutting-edge technology, client-friendly atmospheres, and competitive prices, medical practices are working every angle to climb to the top. In our modern society, customers crave new experiences and constant upgrades to their care. An up-and-coming brand, Regenics is here to provide just that.

Regenics is a rising wellness center with its business centered around hormone balancing and regenerative health. Regenics has broken into the health industry with a full-spectrum approach to supplementary care. Offering meal and fitness planning, BMI testing, IV therapy, vitamins and supplements, cryotherapy, and CBD products, the company is primarily geared towards men’s health – specifically testosterone deficiency. Their team is on a mission to erase the stigma surrounding testosterone replacement therapy, as well as shed light on the current misconceptions of the treatment. Regenics is staying ahead of the health services game by making their patients and clients feel welcome, ordinary, and safe with their treatment – pioneering the normalization of these treatments.

Another element that makes Regenics so unique is its futuristic, vibrant, and eye-catching image. Take a trip to their social media pages, home to a following over 50,000 strong, and you’ll find posts featuring men and women sporting Regenics gear who look like they’ve popped straight out of Sports Illustrated ads. On top of that, Regenics has branded itself with a graphic logo that is clean, simple, and wearable. But most importantly, their executives have decided to reshape the medical facility arena – with the idea to be home to a medical center without the eerie and bare medical feel. Regenics has created a more inviting physical environment for their clients while still providing a host of certified medical treatments and products. Striving to make their company one-of-a-kind in the customer service game, Regenics executives have concentrated much of their time on their approachable and impressive «ideal shape» image. 

Regenics also takes the edge over its competitors because of its efforts to offer a full-scale service to restore the body’s supplementary needs on a molecular level. Advertised and fulfilled as a top-of-the-line service, Regenics tackles all aspects of personal well-being – mental, physical, spiritual, and financial. In a competitive industry with such large cash and customer flow, it is only with this uncommon combination of products, services, and approaches to health that companies like Regenics begin to dominate the arena. 

While geared towards men in their middle ages, Regenics has a little bit of something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for elite athletic care, calming medicinal CBD, or other supplementary and regenerative treatment, this is the place for you.

Daniel Ortiz
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Regenics — IV Lounge
A client receives an IV Infusion at Regenic’s IV Lounge.

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