SAN FRANCISCO, April 18, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — During International Telecoms Week, May 14th – 17th at the Hyatt Regency in Chicago, IL, ChikPea Inc. will be demonstrating their telecom order management solutions suite (TOM).

2017 will see an extensive effort in cost reduction as a reaction to the effects of the previous year.  Markets are consolidating and operators are seeing the need to innovate at a higher pace to remain both relevant and cost effective.  This year, the challenge will be about consolidating systems and achieving efficiencies at each level of service delivery.  ChikPea will be present at this year’s ITW event in Chicago to share and learn from other players who dedicate time in solving the needs of telecom providers.  One primary area we will be looking at is the move from expensive CPQ to self-service portals and more advanced service delivery connectors.

The growth of quoting systems has overwhelmed the telecom industry with solutions designed only for writing proposals.  The danger that we’ve seen is that proposals are being written without the involvement of the service delivery group who need to deliver on that promise.  The ChikPea team will be at ITW to demonstrate our TOM solution and how TOM creates a bridge between sales and service within a single environment.

One of the benefits of being at International Telecoms Week in Chicago, is the ability for providers from around the world to share their experiences and challenges.  As a global solution provider, the ChikPea team will be able to share our experiences in dealing with different markets and their related needs and how our systems support not just CPQ and CRM but a full line of OSS and BSS solutions.

At ChikPea, we not only want to be your industry leader in telecom order management, we also want to help show you how to make your company stronger by connecting your divisions into a seamless, cohesive and thus more effective service provider.  Let’s build better telecoms through knowledge, collaboration and support!

For over 10 years, ChikPea has been a pioneer in delivering telecommunication vertical software solutions that intertwine CRM with install-base, CPE, and premises giving operators the ability to have a single repository for hardware, orchestration, and provisioning service within the Salesforce database.  By creating a system that intermingles the needs of the sales department with operations and finance, ChikPea has been able to help companies reduce overhead, increase profitability and create methodologies to bring transparency to both their customers and their partners in the company.

Come have a chat with us at booth #1630 at International Telecoms Week, May 14th-17th at the Hyatt Regency in Chicago.

Company: ChikPea Inc.
Contact: Chris Nguyen
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