SAN FRANCISCO, March 16, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Chime Technologies, the all-in-one Real Estate Platform, announced today an integration with BombBomb, which enables businesses to build trust, convert leads and get referrals with simple videos. Now real estate agents can ensure their emails stand out in crowded inboxes and have the greatest impact. This partnership is the latest step in Chime’s journey to build the ultimate hub for today’s modern real estate professionals, helping them be more efficient, effective, and productive—and close more sales.

BombBomb makes it easy to record and send video email messages. Email is a core pillar of the modern real estate marketing arsenal, but it can be difficult to build meaningful relationships with clients and drive results when an agent’s email is one among many, and when the sales cycle primarily involves digital communication. The reality is traditional emails can easily be overlooked, ignored, and forgotten. BombBomb’s technology allows emails to communicate and connect more effectively by seamlessly including video, thereby creating a more personal, engaging, and memorable experience.

«Agents have asked us countless times to bring a BombBomb solution into Chime so they can integrate video into their Chime drip campaigns and action plans,» said Chime’s Matt Murphy. «As people become more starved for time and more distracted, video is becoming the preferred mode of communication, and transforming emails with videos is the next logical step. BombBomb allows you, especially if you are cold prospecting, to put your face out there and have someone connect with you in ways not possible with text.»

Chime’s integration with BombBomb will roll out in two phases. As of today, agents will be able to pull existing videos on BombBomb and put them into their Chime drip communications. With the second integration, rolling out in April, agents will be able to record BombBomb messages directly in the Chime CRM. Within Chime, agents will simply connect BombBomb to their Chime account in their settings and when editing emails, a «bomb» icon will appear.

The BombBomb integration is a powerful new part of the Chime experience, which aims to provide agents with everything they need throughout their day—from lead generation to IDX websites to CRM. As part of Chime’s all-in-one platform, BombBomb will help agents improve their performance. BombBomb video emails attract 81% more replies, convert 68% more leads, and get 56% more referrals. BombBomb video messages turn what could feel like generic, business-like emails into relatable, personalized dialogue that feel friendly, rather than «sales-y,» laying the foundation for new relationships and stronger connections.  

About Chime
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