TORRANCE, Calif., April 18, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Citizen Systems America Corporation, a leading manufacturer of world-class printing technology, announces a new addition to the value class mobile printer line with the rugged 4-inch wide CMP-40L mobile label printer.

The Citizen CMP-40L mobile label printer provides needed rugged durability and 4-inch mobile label printing capability to a value class thermal mobility line of printers that already includes the popular 2-inch CMP-20 and 3-inch CMP-30. With the continued need for mobility in nearly every category and vertical market Citizen serves, the CMP-40L provides the needed attributes and value price position to serve customers in need of true rugged mobile printing. Having connectivity options like Bluetooth and WIFI, the CMP-40L is able to meet the needs of the devices it will be connected to in many applications, including but not limited to: route-services, manufacturing, retail, warehousing, healthcare and logistics. Including 3-inches per second print speed, a very intuitive and highly visible LCD display, ZPL, CPCL or ESC-POS command language emulation options, and an IP54 protection rating, the CMP-40L is sure to provide value to any application it serves.

«The need for a truly rugged 4-inch mobile label printer with a full range of connectivity options at the right price point became very apparent as we penetrated the mobility market even deeper,» said Vic Barczyk, Executive Vice President of Citizen Systems America. «Designed with form, fit and function in mind, we believe this printer is going to delight many users.»                          

All CMP-40L product variations are immediately available for ordering.

About Citizen Systems America

«Citizen Systems America» is the America subsidiary of Citizen Systems Japan – the electronic products affiliate of Citizen Holding Co. Ltd., Japan, the world renowned manufacturer of fine watch timepieces. Citizen headquarters is located in the greater Los Angeles area, California.

Citizen develops and markets Printers for point-of-sale, industrial solutions, barcode and label, portable and general thermal technology usage applications. Citizen products provide Thermal, solutions for packaged and OEM printer mechanisms that are used in a variety of industries including, retail, manufacturing, food service, healthcare, banking and many more.

For over four decades, Citizen products have set the standard for performance, reliability and value in the marketplace. For more information, please visit Citizen Systems America’s website at:

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