ALAMEDA, Calif., April 22, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Job One for Humanity, a non-profit organization dedicated to stopping global warming in the next 10 years, announced today the publication of its flagship book and a unique chance for climate activists to obtain a free copy.

The book, Climageddon: The Global Warming Emergency and How to Survive It by Lawrence Wollersheim, is available for immediate download as an eBook from and will soon be available in other electronic formats from other distributors. A print version will be available some time in June.

The eBook is priced at $9.95 but for a limited time any climate activist who sends the publisher a selfie taken at an Earth Day event, science or climate march will receive a free copy. Just sending the selfie to [email protected] (included in the email, not as an attachment) will earn the reward.

«We wanted to express our gratitude to the thousands of volunteer climate activists around the world who will focus attention on this unprecedented emergency situation, rather than ask for yet another contribution,» Wollersheim, who is also Executive Director of Job One for Humanity, said.

The offer expires at midnight Pacific Time on April 30.

Climageddon‘s Unique Contribution to the Discussion

The new book, «radically disrupts what most informed individuals currently believe. In its new model for our destabilizing climate (the Climageddon Scenario), it uses big data analytic methodologies to predict the likely progression of global warming consequences rapidly coming our way,» says early reviewer Michael Mielke, a well-known environmental activist, fund-raiser and head of Tree of Life Works.

Wollersheim explains that in writing the book, he «went beyond the current statistical models that try to predict the future of the climate and focused on the cascading effects of all the various causes on each other.» This revealed a situation that is far more dire than most people — even those who are well informed — believe to be the case.

After making the case in 440+ pages that the situation demands special treatment as a global emergency, the book proposes a specific, step-by-step plan that is unlike any other that has yet been attempted to deal with the global warming emergency.

«Not only is the Job One Plan the best hope of humanity for avoiding the possible extinction of human life on earth,» says Job One’s Director of Strategy, Dan Shafer, «but it is the only really practical plan that has been put forth that is on a grand enough scale to succeed while being within the grasp of a reasonably small, dedicated force of activists.»


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