SUNNYVALE, Calif., April 19, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — As enterprises and service providers are actively working towards SDN/NFV deployment in their networks, Criterion Networks is enabling them with on-demand SDN/NFV solution environments. With SDCloud Enterprise, Criterion’s SAAS-based solution orchestration platform, customers are able to bring up SDN/NFV solution environments of their choice for their development, evaluation and learning needs.

Criterion Networks announced today the availability of the Mysterious-Decision release of CORD® (Central Office Re-architected as a Datacenter) on the Criterion SDCloud platform. CORD is a platform combining SDN, NFV and cloud technologies to build nimble in-line datacenters at the edge of operator networks.

The cloud-based development and test environment — CORD-in-the-Cloud (CiTC) — simplifies the task of bringing up the solution and allows for one touch provisioning of all components of CORD in a fully isolated multi-node virtual environment. With considerable interest around CORD, CiTC provides an excellent base platform to build on more complex use cases like mobile CORD (M-CORD).

«The SDCloud platform allows for rapid innovation and enables the development community to experiment with, extend, integrate, and test new services. This will help to accelerate our ability to realize the full potential of CORD,» said Larry Peterson, Chief Technical Officer at ONF/ON.Lab.

Bringing up complex test-beds like CORD in a stable manner, consistently and reliably is a challenge that many developers face today. CiTC takes the guess work out of test-bed creation and will help customers realize the full potential of CORD. With all components of CORD being instantiated by Criterion SDCloud, it is easy for customers to easily validate configurations with different versions of the solution components, change controllers, orchestrators or even the Open Stack VIM, one of the central components of the CORD framework.

«Launched in late 2016, Criterion SDCloud has been enabling our customers to innovate, experiment and develop thereby accelerating their time to create new SDN/NFV solutions,» said Srinivas Vegesna, CEO, Criterion Networks. «By using our Enterprise platform, customers are able to get SDN/NFV solution environments that replicate their actual planned deployment architectures, and use them for a variety of their internal qualification and learning needs.»

Criterion Networks has been one of the early contributors to ON.Lab and ONF. CiTC is offered for well known use cases like R-CORD and is used internally by ON.Lab for development purposes. Criterion Networks offers complex solutions such as CiTC, OpenStack sandboxes with different SDN controllers and other OpenStack integrated SDN/NFV solutions along with eLearning programs through Criterion Networking Academy. Enterprise customers who need to enable custom CORD deployments using CiTC on specific hardware configurations and deployment environments can request Criterion Networks for an SDCloud Enterprise platform targeted for their specific internal needs.

Criterion Networks is a Collaborator of the open source CORD Project, the community advancing the CORD platform for SDN, NFV and elastic cloud-based service delivery.

CORD project is hosted by ONF/ON.Lab under the Linux Foundation umbrella. 

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