HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif., April 27, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — In every business every penny truly counts, it is no secret the oil and gas industry is on the top of that list. Komax Systems Custody Transfer Mixer can assure the oil and gas industry will get every dollar back they spend and then some.

Focused On Results

Komax engineers derived the Custody Transfer mixer design when approached by the Chief Engineer of Chevron Pipeline Company. The Carbon Steel Custody Transfer mixer was developed in response to a request of a low pressure drop static mixer designed specifically to optimize accuracy of crude oil sampling. 

«Errors in crude oil sampling were an industry-wide problem plaguing profitability,» said Frank Estrada/Production Manager.  The engineers here at Komax went back to the drawing board to design a mixer of the future, working intensively to eliminate issues like wall streaming and ensuring uniform distribution. The internal vortices or back-mixing created by the Komax mixing elements also send a portion of the flow back upstream within the mixer, minimizing spikes of Bottom Sediment &Water concentration. This combination of smart mixing helps the custody transfer sampler maximize its accuracy.

Proven Results

The goal with custody transfer mixing is to make certain you get a truly representative sample, and with Komax, our design makes that as easy as 1,2,3.

The Custody Transfer mixer can be in either a horizontal or vertical pipeline. In the horizontal line, the first element acts like a ramp, forcing the bottom water into the crude to be further mixed homogeneously. 

«One of the best features of our products is the final mixing element that eliminates all of the axial rotation of the flow downstream of the mixer,» said Nolan Smith/Sr. Applications Specialist. «Violent rotation would create barber poling in the water.  The automatic sampler is then located two to four pipe diameters downstream of the mixer.  The result means reliable data that shows up in the sampling.»

To date, Komax has installed more than 8,000 Custody Transfer Mixers worldwide. Komax is considered the industry standard. In fact, Komax Custody Transfer mixers paid for themselves in as little as six hours.

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