Discover & Stream unlimited entertainment from Multiple hubs in One Place

BEVERLY HILLS, CA, April 21, 2017 /PRNewswire/ – DataLTE® today introduces the new entertainment system (LTEOS®), offering a unified all-in-one experience for discovering and accessing entertainment media (such as TV shows and movies, music and lyrics, sports and live events, weather and news, gaming and gambling from multiple hub applications integrated on the DataLTE LTEOS® System, LTEOS® PrivilegeVIP & ExclusiveVIP Club Services. The online membership system provides one place to access online high definition entertainment and on-demand specialty content, as well as a place to discover new content to watch. DataLTE also introduces a new LTEOS® feature for «Selecting a HUB» that lets members easy access to direct live news and sporting events across their account. Watching television past diffusions and show series, movies and cinematic entertainment across LTEOS® accounts has never been easier.

«Using hubs on LTEOS® System, a window opens onto different ways to use our favorite media. Multiple players have open the path to this type of services, members are fond of that approach and LTEOS® must take his place on the top of the wave,» said Nickolas-Antoine, DataLTE’s Chief executive officer and creator of the LTEOS® Ecosystem. The powerful cloud web console shows and guides members on what to watch next and makes it easy to discover music, shows and movies and other entertainment from many hubs in a single all-in-one place, and at a fixed price.

The entertainment system will be available for smart TV’s, streaming media players, game consoles, set-top boxes, blu-ray players, smartphones & tablets, and PC’s & laptops and always stays in sync so that when LTEOS members begin streaming on one device they can easily continue where they left off on their LTEOS sync-devices account membership.

Google I/O is Innovation in the Open. DataLTE® had the opportunity on-site during event to connect face-to-face with developers and designers from around the world at the conference, and was able to display and release the systems beta services first hand, and chat directly with attendees after participating in sandbox talks, attending sessions, and exploring the codelab space. Since the introduction of the private beta at the I/O event just a year ago on May 19th 2016, a private version of LTEOS® system was under closed-development and research and has revolutionized the experience in the everyday lifestyle of students, businesses and professionals. Giving them unlimited access to 3,000 channels (118 Canadian channels 1,382 American channels, 1500 International channels) including more than 7,800 high definition movies, 850 series, 32,800 episodes, 12,000 games with Xbox/PS4 Live & Network integration and 600 pre-installed apps, fully organized across a hub selection of categories such as sports, news, gaming, fitness, education, kids, music, lifestyle and more. To give access to your favorite entertainment and to exclusive contents, a dozen of HUB’s will be available at the interface launch. LTEOS® is an hybrid Web platform, multi interface and mobile. Freed from all physical and known provider constraints. Converging new tool, it offers complete entertainment personalize to each member’s taste in one place and at a competitive price.

Availability of LTEOS®

The LTEOS® entertainment system and DataLTE® International Services will be available starting April 21st, 2017 as the official software and system for DataLTE® (LTEOS® SYSTEM RELEASE 2017 – LONG TERM ENTERTAINMENT OPTIMUM SOLUTION), making it available to customers in Canada, United States and all 23 countries of North America. DataLTE International Services is also becoming  available and will not require a LTEOS® membership to apply and order.
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Features are subject to change and only apply to DataLTE. Some features may not be available in all regions or all languages. Instantaneous contents as soon as available. Access to entertainment 3 months after it’s release or less. LTEOS® is a fully self-automated user-friendly system interface. LTEOS® is easy to use and no installation or hardware is required.

DataLTE® revolutionized everyday entertainment technology innovation with the introduction of the LTEOS® private beta concept in May 2016. Today, after four years of research and development, DataLTE® is proud to announce that with the official release of the LTEOS® system, DataLTE will create and lead the world in all-in-one connected entertainment technology with our LTEOS® System membership, LTEOS® PrivilegeVIP & ExclusiveVIP Club Services, DataLTE’s first cyber software platform — MusicHUB, MovieHUB, CinemaHUB, NewsHUB, LiveHUB, SportsHUB, WeatherHUB, TeleHUB, StreamHUB, GameHUB, TravelHUB, GambleHUB — these hubs provides unlimited seamless access to experiences across all smart devices and empower LTEOS® members with breakthrough integrated services on LTEOS®.

DataLTE and more than 800 employees are dedicated to delivering the best solutions and services available without restriction globally everywhere on earth, and our mission is to offer people and our members the necessary connected-tools to reach their full potential whether it be within their business, their learning or their life.

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