SAN JOSE, Calif., May 1, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Electric Cloud (, the leader in DevOps Release Automation, today announced seven upcoming events in May featuring experts from Electric Cloud and the DevOps community discussing best practices and challenges for modern application delivery.

Event #1:

Conference Talks: Avan Mathur and Chris Fulton Present Three Sessions at SATURN 2017 Conference  

SATURN, hosted by the Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Melon, is focused on software architecture trends and best practices, designed especially for senior-level engineers.

Avan Mathur, Electric Cloud’s Product Manager, presents two sessions at the event:

The first, «Microservices and Docker at Scale: The PB&J of Modern Application Delivery,» describes the modern requirements for building, deploying, and operating microservices on a large-scale Docker-ized infrastructure. She will also discuss tips for integrating containers into complex existing environments, best practices for Docker configuration and registry management, and more.

Her second talk uses a real demo use case to show how you can orchestrate your entire software delivery pipeline – from code check-in through deployment to production – for free. Attendees learn how to create a fully automated release pipeline by tying in free, open source tools already commonly used in the delivery process.

Electric Cloud’s Chris Fulton presents «CD for DB’s: Database Deployment Strategies» where he discusses the unique challenges databases present to Continuous Delivery processes and covers strategies for database deployments and rollbacks.

Event #2:

Industry Event: Gartner IT Operations Strategies & Solutions Summit

Gartner hosts their annual IT Operations Strategies and Solutions Summit focusing on DevOps, emerging trends in IT operations, leadership and strategy, and more.

Electric Cloud is proud to be a silver sponsor of Gartner IT Operations Strategies & Solutions Summit. At the event, the company is demoing the latest version of ElectricFlow, which offers the industry’s most comprehensive support for one-click deployments to any container platform.

Event #3:

Live Video Podcast: Continuous Discussions (#c9d9) Episode 68 – Must-Have’s for Application Release Automation

Continuous Discussions (#c9d9) is a live video podcast for discussing Agile, DevOps and Continuous Delivery. Each episode focuses on a different topic relating to modern software delivery and features a variety of speakers from the DevOps community.

This #c9d9 live video podcast will feature expert panelists discussing application release automation (ARA) including benefits, challenges, and requirements for doing it right.

Event #4:

Conference Talk: Chris Fulton Shares Database Deployment Strategies at Continuous Lifecycle London

Continuous Lifecycle London, hosted by The Register, brings together the top minds in software delivery discussing the latest trends in DevOps, Agile, Containerization, and Continuous Delivery. Speakers will share processes, concepts, tools and experience with hundreds of CIO’s, developers and architects.

Fulton will again present on database challenges for Continuous Delivery and how to solve them.

Event #5:

Conference Talk: Anders Wallgren Discusses Which DevOps KPI’s Matter at Interop Las Vegas

Interop is an independent event featuring hundreds of tech leaders sharing trends and best practices in security, DevOps, infrastructure and more with thousands of attendees.

Anders Wallgren, Electric Cloud’s CTO, presents «Measuring DevOps: The Key Metrics that Matter» to help software delivery practitioners at any stage of a DevOps transformation decide which KPI’s they should be using to optimize their efforts.

Event #6:

Industry Event: Electric Cloud Presents at ChefConf

ChefConf 2017 brings together more than 2,000 practitioners, leaders and innovators in DevOps sharing their experience reports, trends and best practices for using Chef tools.

Electric Cloud is proud to be a silver sponsor of ChefConf. At the event, the company is demoing the latest version of ElectricFlow, which allows for the industry’s most comprehensive support for one-click deployments to any container platform.

  • ChefConf 2017
  • Monday, May 22, 2017 to Wednesday, May 24, 2017
  • Austin, TX
  • Booth #121

Event #7:

Live Video Podcast: Continuous Discussions (#c9d9) Episode 69 – Continuous Testing

This live video podcast features industry experts discussing what is continuous testing (versus automated testing), benefits, challenges and patterns for implementation.


Tune in for new #c9d9 episodes on 5/9 and 5/23 where #devops experts discuss application release automation @electriccloud 

Join @avantika_ec & @cfulton81 at #SATURN17 for their sessions on #automation, #microservices, #Docker & #databases


Join @anders_wallgren at #InteropITX May 19 for his talk «Measuring #DevOps: The Key Metrics that Matter»

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