Intuitive Visual Interface from Flybits Allows Enterprises to Create Contextualized Customer Experiences with Minimal Complexity


  • Flybits is launching its new Experience Studio, along with a variety of advanced development tools. The product radically simplifies how the enterprise brings contextual customer engagement to its digital strategy.
  • Experience Studio enables companies to create, deliver and analyze a customer experience by day’s end. The accompanying development tools free up developers to focus on the quality of the interaction, not on managing code dependency complexities.
  • Experience Studio allows for seamless and scalable integration of the enterprise’s proprietary data, like buying history or customer segments, with public data from third-party APIs, like Google services or real estate listings.
  • A data intelligence dashboard makes it easy to visualize data, pinpoint trends, and leverage predictive intelligence to fine-tune digital campaigns.

SAN JOSE, CA, April 26, 2017 /PRNewswire/ – Flybits, Inc., the first provider of a context-as-a-service solution, is announcing today the launch of their new Experience Studio at the FinovateSpring conference in San Jose. The intuitive visual interface hides the complexity of semantic computing and machine intelligence, enabling digital teams to deliver customer experiences that drive engagement. Experience Studio provides feedback on every campaign, learns intelligently from large data sets, and adapts with input in real-time.

«The goal was to build a product in which design and engineering are symbiotic,» explained Dr. Hossein Rahnama, Flybits Founder and CEO. «Our amazing team made it happen, applying the principles of design thinking all the way from the product’s visual interface to its engineering core. Experience Studio enables enterprises to leverage data intelligence and predict their customers’ needs, with minimal background integration and infrastructure costs. Flybits is thrilled to bring these capabilities together into one unified solution, eliminating the need to purchase multiple products and spend on system integration.»

Using Experience Studio, enterprises can now create context rules to determine the behavior of their mobile app or web page based on a customer’s unique situation. For example, if an individual is at an airport and does not have travel insurance, the enterprise may offer a per-trip plan to protect them while they are away. In addition to insurance, Flybits is advantageous to all industries, including retail banking, investment banking, travel, hospitality, and telecommunications.

Flybits makes it easy for enterprises to harness the complexities of context so that they can become their customers’ lifestyle concierge – giving them what they need, when and where they need it, on the fly.

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About Flybits
Flybits is a context-as-a-service company that enables enterprises to leverage all sources of data  — proprietary, public, from device sensors and real time user behavior — and deliver truly relevant customer experiences. We take care of unifying different data structures so that you can focus on customer engagement, without worrying about building and maintaining your IT infrastructure. For more information, visit and follow us at @flybitsinc.

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