SAN DIEGO, March 16, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — In her new book, Grief Comfort Guide: A Personal Journey from Loss to Light, Marie Lenay Rogus tells stories about Robert De Niro, Sylvester Stallone, Cary Grant, Mae West and other celebrities she met during the 18 years she worked in Hollywood, as well as the compelling life stories of seven close relatives whose deaths profoundly affected her. Among the seven were her parents, first husband, sisters, teenage son and nephew.

In her book, available March 15 from Twilight Garden Publishing, Rogus personalizes the subject of grief in the hope that sharing her experiences will help people who are seeking a guide for overcoming their own feelings of hopelessness and aloneness that accompany loss.

Rogus, who once had dinner with Cary Grant in his bedroom and took dictation from Mae West, shares 10 ways to ease grief in her book. Among them are:

  • Burn a plain white 7-day candle after placing it in a safe place where you can see it, carefully placing a photo of the deceased nearby.
  • Keep a sweater, shirt, pillow or other object that carries the person’s scent and never wash it.
  • Find your own Wailing Wall, a safe place where you can go to cry when grief hits you.
  • Take your time getting rid of the dead loved one’s possessions, even if other people think you are taking too long.
  • Give yourself permission to be noisy when you grieve. So what if you make a spectacle of yourself? Being noble and composed does not get the job done. 

Praise for Grief Comfort Guide

«One day each of us will need a shoulder to cry on and a soothing voice to comfort our pain. Lenay’s book, Grief Comfort Guide, will help anyone who is going through the grieving process.» – Lena McCalla-Njee, author of Autism Inspires and Ivan Gets a Dream House

Credentials: Marie Lenay Rogus is a certified clinical hypnotherapist and bereavement group facilitator who frequently speaks on the topic of grief. As a young woman, she spent 18 years in Hollywood as a paralegal and doing post-production work for 20th Century Fox and Universal Pictures.

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