LOS ANGELES, April 20, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Premiere Designer Overgrips maker Alien Pros is once again making tennis history as it serves up its first-ever subscription service. Players can now sign up to receive six stylish overgrips each month, with new designs unveiled throughout the year.

Alien Pros says its delivery service provides the quality and convenience of an accessory that is crucial to the sport. A $3 overgrip can make a player feel like they are holding a new $300 racket. It’s an underestimated tool that makes a huge difference on the court.

«My dad plays tennis at least three times per week, and he always forgets to buy overgrips. He sometimes loses matches just because his grips are worn out, slippery and don’t work properly,» said Sophie Zhang, founder and Director of Sales and Marketing at Alien Pros.

The company says its unique subscription program is a game-changer for the tennis industry. In the United States alone, there are 5.4 million frequent players, including 1.5 million juniors. They often use one or two overgrips a week. And with Alien Pros, players will now have a delivery service that eliminates time-consuming trips to athletic supply stores.

A FREE One-Month Trial is available for customers who sign up for an Annual Subscription. After filling out the quick form at Alien-Pros.com, they’ll get six Designer Overgrips each month. (A credit card or PayPal account is required for enrollment. After the Free, 30-day trial, subscribers will be billed for the 199.99 USD annual plan.)

Customers may also choose the Monthly 17.99 USD billing plan. (A credit card or PayPal account is required for enrollment. Please note the free one-month trial is only available for annual subscribers.)

There is also a bit of mystery with all subscriptions as players find exciting NEW stylish designs in their package. Alien Pros proudly stands by its highly rated, pro-quality products, and subscribers can cancel their service at any time.

Alien Pros has already introduced more than 30 different overgrip designs. The company works with talented designers all over the world, including Katerina Semenko, who is a Golden and Silver prize winner of A-Design Award 2016 (Italy.) And each month, Alien Pros adds several new designs to its product line.

The unique grips are getting a lot of attention on the court. «I really enjoy the variety of styles I can have when using Alien Pros grips. Quality wise, they are comparable to other top brands in the market, so it was easy for me to switch over,» said USTA MAS Recreational Tennis Senior Manager Alex Chan.

And national Great Britain junior tennis player Felix Mischker said, «I’m trusting Alien Pro grips when playing my tournaments. They help me play well, and they look great, too.»­­­

For more details on the Designer Overgrips Subscription Service, go to http://www.alien-pros.com

About Alien Pros

Since October 2015, Alien Pros has enabled tennis players to personalize their rackets and express themselves creatively both on and off the court. Originated from Hong Kong / Mainland China, Alien Pros is now selling Designer Overgrips throughout the world.

«We can easily get used to our existing reality and forget that we can improve by doing things differently.» It’s the idea behind the company name. We can certainly be different, but only with a change of view. If we look at things from an «Alien’s Perspective,» we see a brand new world filled with unlimited ideas and solutions.

The traditional game of tennis has taught us that a quality overgrip is either WHITE or BLUE. It’s almost impossible to imagine a racket being wrapped up any other way. But Alien Pros sees the tennis world differently.

Tired of all the WHITES and BLUES, Alien Pros is committed to offering professional overgrips in a wide variety of designer patterns. Its innovative concept is something unheard of in the industry. Because even though tennis has always been a trendy and fashionable sport, it was impossible to personalize the racket in any major way – until now.

Alien Pros is a presenting sponsor of the USTA Mid-Atlantic Section 10U BLAST Tour.

Media Contact: Sophie Zhang
Email: [email protected]


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