LOS ANGELES and SAN FRANCISCO, April 28, 2017 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — The dining dilemma is solved as Halla (http://www.halla.co), the food recommendation platform that curates a list of restaurants and dishes tailored to one’s tastes, interests and needs, today announced the app is available for iOS. Halla’s machine learning technology is unlike any other food discovery app on the market because the platform personalizes the dining experience by recommending a variety of restaurants to suit each person in an entire party’s needs. The company has spent the last year indexing and analyzing the attributes of more than eight billion ingredient relationships among 21 million dishes at almost 400,000 restaurants across the country. Since it’s debut on the App Store, Halla has made more than 200,000 restaurant and dish recommendations in response to more than 17,000 queries.

Much like Netflix and Amazon, Halla uses predictive technology to make recommendations that not only guide the customer experience, but also improves it by making recommendations based to the customers preferences and data. With Halla, the more a person uses the app, the more precise the recommendations become. Netflix and Amazon have both demonstrated how powerful predictive technology can be: 75% of Netflix viewers* movies are recommended, whereas 35% of Amazon’s product sales* stems from recommended purchases.

«For the first time ever, people are spending more money at restaurants and bars than they’re spending on grocery shopping — a fact that demonstrates a huge shift in the way people are consuming and ultimately, enjoying food,» said Spencer Price, chief marketing officer, Halla. «Much like Pandora’s technology focuses on a song, we break down a dish into tens of thousands of potential subcomponents to develop a very thorough understanding of the user-dish relationship, in an effort to power our personalized recommendations. Halla goes a few steps further than other food discovery apps on the market by not only serving up data, but also personalizing the dining experience, ensuring all restaurant and dish recommendations are highly tailored to the user.»  

Halla’s core features include:

  • Perfect Your Palate with Palate Profile. Recommendations are refined based on your Palate Profile, or the app’s main function that customizes your list of restaurants and dishes based on your preferences. Halla uses machine-learning technology, so the more dishes you review, the more precise your palate profile becomes
  • Solve the Social Dining Dilemma with Groups. Groups pulls data from your friends’ profiles to ensure a recommended restaurant fits everyone’s needs. Picky, plain — you name it — Halla finds the restaurants and like-minded dishes for you and your guests.
  • Use Concierge to Find the Perfect Meal.  Unlike any other product on the market, halla’s recommendations are built to be completely experience-oriented, allowing users to identify any dish-specific moods and cravings (e.g. «spicy», «avocado») in addition to any general restaurant filters (vibes, cuisines, meal types, etc.) that they select.

Halla was founded by Spencer Price, Gabriel Nipote, and Henry Michaelson: three college students and friends from University of Southern California (USC), University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) and University of California Berkeley, respectively. All 20 years of age, each student took a leave of absence to create Halla and pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.

About Halla

Based in Los Angeles, California, Halla is a food recommendation platform that delivers a custom list of restaurants based on one’s taste, interests and needs. The company was founded in 2016 by Spencer Price, Gabriel Nipote and and Henry Michaelson — three college students who each took a leave of absence to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. The company is backed with seed funding from angel investors. Like us on Facebook and Instagram or learn more at http://halla.co/

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