NEW YORK and SAN FRANCISCO, April 26, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Hive-IO, a leader in software-defined infrastructure, today announced that the latest release of its Software-Defined Data Center solution includes live migration for VDIs.  

Hive-IO’s Workload Live Migration enables moving a running cloud assets between different physical machines without disconnecting. Memory, storage, and network connectivity of the workloads are transferred from the original guest machine to the destination without any downtime or disruption to the virtualized user/ server.

«Customers can now live replicate their virtual workloads without the need to deploy any replication or orchestration components in their IaaS,» explained Kevin McNamara, CTO and Cofounder, Hive-IO. «This enhancement to our software is designed to help customers drastically reduce total cost of ownership and improve manageability and simplicity across their infrastructure.»

Hive-IO’s Workload Live Migration supports High Availability (HA) of infrastructure with:

  • Instant – zero downtime – failover
  • High Bandwidth, low latency link between datacenters and devices
  • HA Server Workload Optimization
  • Disaster Recovery Options

A significant advantage of Hive-IO’s Workload Live Migration is that it facilitates proactive maintenance. If an imminent failure is suspected, the potential problem can be resolved before disruption of service occurs. Live migration can also be used for load balancing in which work is shared among computers in order to manage the utilization of available compute resources.

«The enhanced Workload Live Migration functionality has been in private preview since late 2016 and has successfully passed the rigorous evaluation and validation goals of our early customers,» noted Joe Makoid, CEO and Cofounder, Hive-IO. «With marquee customers already on board, and with their early feedback incorporated, Hive-IO’s live migration solution is now ready to help replicate on-premises and hosted workloads.»

More details are available in the Hive-IO Reference architecture.  Interested companies and organizations can request a copy and a 5-license test drive at  To learn more about Hive-IO’s software for VDI, DaaS and IaaS solutions and to arrange for a demonstration email Hive-IO at [email protected].

About Hive-IO
Hive-IO is an infrastructure innovation company that delivers the power, value and agility of the public cloud with all the security, control and governance of the private cloud. Our secure cloud software infrastructure platform and all-inclusive ground up solution delivers full cloud service out of the box.  The Hive-IO solution is in use in some of the largest virtual infrastructure implementations across the world.  For more information, visit and follow @Hive-IO1 on Twitter.

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