MONTEREY, Calif., April 25, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Katya Sanchez, was released from Richard MacDonald Studios, Inc. for her involvement in the alleged embezzlement from Richard MacDonald Studios as well as his personal accounts.  Katya was a direct report to Julia Cominos, the Chief Operating Officer for Richard MacDonald Studios, who according to court documents, is currently under investigation in a civil action where 14 causes of actions have been validated to move forward.  In a related case, Julia Cominos is currently being investigated by the Monterey Police Department and the Monterey County District Attorney to determine if criminal charges will be made.  A prominent criminal attorney, former Los Angeles prosecutor, and a leading analyst on television and radio shows such as CNN, MSNBC, Fox News and Court TV, stated that possible charges include embezzlement, elder financial abuse and grand theft.

Katya Sanchez was the Executive assistant to Julia Cominos, the Chief Operating Officer.  She also worked as the Accounts Payable Coordinator.

Among the numerous alleged actions, the following are noted:

  • Katya was given privileges and authorized by Julia Cominos to use Richard MacDonald’s personal account at the Carmel Highlands General store while employed. Unbeknown to Richard MacDonald, Katya and her husband Paul Sanchez, used Mr. MacDonald’s account for gas, food items, and miscellaneous items.
  • Katya continued to utilize the account after she was released from Richard MacDonald studios. The abuse of the account, continued for approximately 9 months after she was terminated for cause. Upon becoming aware of the abuse, Mr. MacDonald instructed the Carmel Highland’s to inactivate the account. Shortly after, Katya’s husband Paul Sanchez tried to use the account, but was advised that it was no longer active. To date, Katya Sanchez owes the Highland General store $1,800.00. In a statement from Myra Lopez, store manager, phone calls had made to Katya to pay the money back. However, calls are no longer returned. This bill remains unpaid.
  • 15 checks from various Richard MacDonald entities and personal accounts were allegedly taken from a locked safe that only Katya Sanchez and Lewis Lovett had access to. These checks were used to successfully extract company and personal funds and were ultimately deposited into Julia Comino’s personal bank account.
  • As the accounting Coordinator and Petty Cash Custodian, Katya worked closely with Julia to make determination on what company checks to generate. During a 5 year period, allegedly $275,000 in excess cash was extracted via Petty Cash transactions. In a single year alone, 2013, allegedly $80,000 in Petty Cash was extracted. Katya Sanchez appears to have allegedly endorsed about 30% of the petty cash checks under review.
  • Not only was Katya receiving an income from Richard MacDonald Studios, Inc. The forensic evidence shows that Katya Sanchez was being paid from Julia Cominos’ personal bank accounts. Checks from Julia Cominos personal accounts allegedly ranged from $150 to $9,836. Close to $30,000 was traced from Julia’s personal account to Kayta between 2013 and 2015. Additionally, it is alleged Julia used company funds to pay for Katya’s medical services and rent. It is unclear whether or not this income was reported to the taxing authorities.

Katya and Pauli Sanchez recently purchased «Intima European Lingerie»  from Sylvie and David Howe located on San Carlos Street in Carmel by the Sea, CA.

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