LOS ANGELES, April 25, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — DropIn Auto (DropIn), provider of an on-demand, live video platform for the insurance and automotive industries, announces expansion with Keyes Automotive dealerships after their initial pilot program yielded a 30% conversion rate (nearly double from what is currently being offered on the market)

Spanning a total of 15 dealerships, based primarily in Southern California, Dealer.com has ranked Keyes Automotive 6th in the US in 2016 with an average per dealership revenue of over $142 million.

«We’re excited to be a part of the future,» says General Manager Larry West, of Keyes Van Nuys. «Consumer behavior has changed; the days of the uneducated consumer coming down to the local lot because it’s their only option are long gone. They are currently spending an average of 21 days researching the car they want before we ever talk to them. It’s our job to provide them with not only the best service and best price available on the exact vehicle they want. We must provide the consumer with options to engage the dealership the way they want and when they want.»

Speaking at Digital Dealer, (hosted in Tampa, FL earlier this month) West commented on the lead processing system and its slow adaption to the current buyer expectations. He noted that from a recent case study of sales calls to a Southern California A tier import brand over the last quarter, there were 34,000 inbound calls and of those, over 21,000 called a second dealership within 6-9 minutes. «That means two things. One, we didn’t engage at a high enough level to capture the consumer’s interest (in spite of the fact that the caller had already invested as much as 15 hours of research into selecting the brand, make, model). Two, by the time the salesperson/management team has physically entered the lead into the system, the consumer has already moved onto another dealership. The system is broken, doesn’t positively engage the consumer, and hasn’t adapted fast enough,» says West.

During the initial pilot program offered in December of last year, West observed that DropIn has allowed his sales team to experience the success and results from near face to face dialogue, that has been driven out of automotive sales with a nearly 15 year focus on leads, form submissions and the purchase of high funnel, low converting third party leads, all with the hope of increasing sales.

«DropIn allows unparalleled access to the customer. Yes, we’re enabling them to preview a car before ever stepping foot onto the lot, but it’s so much more than that. We’re developing trust and engagement with the customer from the moment we’ve accepted the live stream request. We’re letting the salespeople be great salespeople again.»

«We couldn’t be happier with the conversion rate Keyes saw with their initial pilot program,» says DropIn Auto founder and CEO Louis Ziskin. «This expansion is coming at just the right time since we’ve brought on a new team to help with onboarding (due to demand stemming from Digital Dealer).»

DropIn will continue to onboard more dealers starting May 15th. Dealers are encouraged to sign up at http://DropInAuto.com/contact for more info, and to speak with a dealer representative.

DropIn, Inc. (DropIn) provides an on-demand, live video platform for the insurance and automotive industries. For automotive, they connect online customers to dealers via live video. No login required, the customer remains anonymous as they receive a private tour of their vehicle before going down to the dealership. DropIn also enables more precise underwriting risk assessments, speeds claim resolution, enhances damage estimate accuracy, and reduces indemnity and loss adjustment expenses (LAE). For more information about DropIn, please visit http://www.dropinauto.com.

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