PALO ALTO, Calif., April 20, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Ladder, the company that introduced instant, simple and smart life insurance earlier this year, today announced a revolutionary addition to its product that makes life insurance dynamic using Ladder’s self-service dashboard. The company, which has issued over $100M of coverage in its first 100 days, is continuing to quickly innovate its platform to deliver further control and flexibility for consumers. In addition to securing coverage in minutes — versus the industry average eight-week process — customers can now decrease their coverage whenever they choose to better match their needs.

The amount of life insurance coverage people need fluctuates based on various life stages and events. For example, a 30-year-old with a young baby may want more coverage in place in order to provide for their child. With Ladder, they can log into their account, apply for more coverage (up to $8M), and get a decision instantly. Conversely, someone with older children and a fully paid-off mortgage may no longer need as much coverage since more of their expenses are behind them. Ladder enables them to dial down that coverage as they wish, with no fees or penalties.

«Our lives are dynamic, so it only makes sense that our life insurance is dynamic as well,» said Jamie Hale, Ladder CEO. «Financially speaking, a customer’s needs tend to go down over time: children grow up, and mortgages get paid off. And, as people save more, they often need less life insurance. As a customer-centric company, giving them the control to dial-down coverage when and if they choose makes perfect sense,» says Jamie Hale, Ladder’s CEO. «Because Ladder has built its technology from the ground up, the company is able to make revolutionary changes, accessible to users with mere clicks. Today’s innovation marks a key milestone for Ladder—one of many more to come.»

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