LOS ANGELES, June 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Mother’s Dose (www.mothersdose.com) launches its first line of vaginal suppositories in hopes to encourage the most important form of self-care—for your vagina! This full product line is created and developed by Angelik Karapetian RPh, a compounding pharmacist with over a decade of experience making alternative drug treatments for women. Karapetian saw the lack of all-natural remedies for feminine hygiene care and set out to develop a completely safe and accessible line of products to provide women a new way of feeling better.

«Working as a compounding pharmacist for many years, I would often get requests to formulate drug alternatives for women with feminine hygiene needs,» says Angelik Karapetian, Pharm D. «I saw the demand for more accessible remedies that cater to the specific needs of women and felt I was well-positioned to provide attainable treatments. Suppositories are great because they bypass the first-pass metabolism in your body, and directly target the vaginal tissue, allowing the active ingredients to work immediately. Mother’s Dose suppositories are formulated with all-natural ingredients; including the best and most potent forms of Broad-Spectrum Hemp, Coconut Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Sodium Hyaluronate, and more. I’m proud to launch the first full line of vaginal suppositories for women, made by women.»

The Mother’s Dose range of suppositories:

Elite Pleasure: Created for the ultimate sexual experience. This formula contains pure and all-natural full spectrum hemp, vitamin E, and hyaluronic acid. 

Relief + Recovery: Multi-functional suppository to help manage pain and discomfort. It contains a combination of full-spectrum activated hemp and CBD to provide intense full-body relief.

Vaginal Hygiene: Helps relieve vaginal odor with all-natural tea tree oil.

Complete Moisture: Helps with vaginal dryness and dehydration with vitamin E oil.

Stay Balanced: Helps regulate hormone levels during menopause. Active DHEA reduces vaginal discomfort.

Extreme Hydration: Helps moisturize and rejuvenate the targeted area. Concentrated formula with sodium hyaluronate.

What makes the Mother’s Dose brand special is the unique combination of all-natural ingredients. While other suppositories are made of cocoa butter; Mother’s Dose suppositories are made with the combination of cocoa butter and coconut oil. The addition of coconut oil allows the suppositories to melt inside your body within minutes, unlike competitors which can take hours to melt to feel relief. The Elite Pleasure and Relief + Recovery formulas include CBD that is made with broad-spectrum hemp, which contains the entire spectrum of alleviating elements while leaving no trace of THC in the product.

It’s time to erase the stigma around feminine hygiene and be unafraid of seeking care for your ‘vagina problems’. Whether you experience discomfort with arousal, dryness, pain; all you need is a Mother’s Dose. 

About Mother’s Dose: 

Mother’s Dose is the first-ever full line of vaginal suppositories made by a woman. The founder, Angelik Karapetian, Pharm D., is a compounding pharmacist who has over a decade’s experience formulating alternative drug treatments for women. Due to the lack of accessible feminine hygiene care products on the market, Mother’s Dose seeks to provide all-natural relief for women. Mother’s Dose is on a mission to be the embodiment of feminine self-care and has plans to expand its line of body care products in the near future. To learn more about Mother’s Dose, please visit www.mothersdose.com.

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