IRVINE, Calif., May 1, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — MuHu, Inc., pioneer of video intelligence technologies for the transportation industry, today announced the availability of their open API.

With this API, MuHu provides partners, integrators, and independent software developers a way to design, test, and deliver applications that work on top of the MuHu video platform.

«MuHu does for video intelligence what Google did for maps and navigation,» says Blake Gasca, founder and CEO of MuHu. «Siloed, proprietary video systems are now obsolete.»

Gasca continues, «Our open API launches the industry further ahead by empowering a worldwide developer community to build relevant, necessary video intelligence applications. Whether you’re a telematics company interested in adding mobile video to your existing solution or a college student looking to build an AI video app, the MuHu API will let you build smarter systems, faster, and deliver on tomorrow’s video intelligence needs today.»

MuHu has set a technology roadmap; developers can expect MuHu to publish data-rich video intelligence information that will build on top of its already robust API.  

The key benefits of the MuHu API include:

  • Enabling Android mobile apps to leverage video streaming and GPS data
  • Harnessing local smartphone and tablet sensors to trigger events commonly found in proprietary OBD-II/J1939 hardware
  • Integrating mobile video into existing telematics solutions without the need for additional hardware investment or installation
  • Expanding the adoption of mobile video and IoT applications beyond the transportation industry to include growing industries, like security and insurance

«MuHu’s new API provides untapped opportunities to the mobile video industry. Companies who are interested in leveraging our mobile video intelligence technology will now be able to do so, allowing them to provide to their customers new, advanced video capabilities,» says Martin Janda, Head of Development for MuHu.

Examples of applications that can leverage the MuHu SDK include:

  • Insurance underwriting and risk mitigation
  • Video wearables that integrate with health and safety apps
  • Traffic, weather, parking availability, and other GPS-related applications
  • Wearable cameras for law enforcement and security

MuHu’s API integration documentation is available at:

Developers may also leverage the MuHu API demo at:

About MuHu, Inc.

Headquartered in Irvine, California, MuHu is a disruptive mobile video intelligence company. Dedicated to providing the transportation industry with innovative, value-added technologies, MuHu is driving a radical shift in the way the world protects people and businesses on the road.


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