SAN FRANCISCO, July 12, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — As the tech space continues to grow at an exponential rate, so does the need for engineers, and subsequently, the need for recruiters to find those engineers. With such a desperate need for tech recruiters, the field has experienced exploding growth – but there is a problem: whether internal or external recruiters, most aren’t trained well.

The pressure tech companies are under for qualified engineers causes them to quickly hire in-house recruiters but rarely do they secure ones with experience and there is no one to properly train them after hire. In-house recruiters often come from a human resources background where they have great skills in HR-style hiring but they lack training in the critical areas specifically needed for recruiting, such as sourcing, negotiating, and closing a candidate.

External recruiters frequently find themselves in a not much better situation. They are typically thrown into a sales-style environment with little to no training and simply told they’ll «learn on the job». This inefficient process leads to poor results, with the recruiter making no money and eventually needing to quit, the agency experiencing a high turnover rate, and an over-all bad name for recruiters everywhere.

All of this has created a major skill gap in recruiting within the tech space. To add even more frustration into the mix, for recruiters who desire to increase their skills and receive quality training, resources have been very limited – until now.

Brianna Rooney, aka The Millionaire Recruiter, founder and CEO of top recruiting team, is releasing her best-kept secrets in tech recruiting. Over the last 10 years, Rooney has become well-known for her success as a recruiter and has trained many others to be successful themselves.

Rooney’s three-hour intensive e-Course is a start-to-finish guide on sourcing, interacting with candidates, negotiating, the best recruiter tools to use, how to get new clients, and the cardinal rules of recruiting. The training is very hands-on, with the course mimicking her exact in-person training, while also providing notes and downloads. It’s for any recruiter who wants to take their training to the next level, or are currently working in other spaces and looking to move into the tech recruiting space, or even for anyone interested in starting a lucrative new career in recruiting.

The perks of recruiting in the technology space are endless. Technology is currently the top place investors are pouring money into so demand for qualified, highly-skilled engineers has never been greater. That’s why it’s where anyone who wants to make money should be.

Rooney encourages recruiters wanting to get some of the tech pie to not be intimidated by an industry they know little about. It’s actually not necessary to understand technology or software development to recruit for the field. It’s only necessary to understand how to properly, efficiently, and successfully recruit top techs. A good recruiter excels at putting the right candidate with the right company. Rooney calls it a type of matchmaking.

Getting the right candidate with the right company is part of what prompted Rooney to create her e-Course. She firmly believes that properly trained recruiters are one key to moving the essential technology industry forward. She also believes in the benefits everyone receives when the technology so vital to everyday life moves forward.

Having hired employees who were already recruiters and those who came from non-recruiting backgrounds, Rooney knows anyone can learn to be an outstanding and wildly successful recruiter, making a lot of money in the process. In fact, her own top employees came from a design background and a real estate background, but with proper training, were successful just a few months after starting.

For those who are hardworking and willing to learn, success and a good income is the norm. Anyone can easily take the next step to become a recruiter in an industry where there is no ceiling or a cap on earning potential – if one is willing to work on commission. Even those that work as an in-house recruiter on a salary can increase their earning potential by working more efficiently, yielding stellar results, and making themselves indispensable to their employer.

With The Millionaire Recruiter e-Course, within just weeks a dedicated person can reverse years of bad habits or begin a completely new career. They can transform into efficient recruiter who is working less yet easily hitting monthly goals and unlocking their access to unlimited career growth opportunities!

Brianna Rooney
The Millionaire Recruiter
[email protected]

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