LOS ANGELES, June 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Perfect, a new cannabis brand offering infused flower products, has introduced two new products that, by design, are safer to share during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Among their products, Perfect offers the PERFECTO, a double tipped preroll, that can be cut in two and shared with a friend. The product is also available in a ready-to-use jar which comes with a self-cleaning micropipe. Additional micropipes for individual use will be available for purchase in a variety of colors to make sharing with friends easy and fun.

Sharing prerolls and other smoking devices is common amongst people who enjoy cannabis. But in the era of COVID-19, people are more concerned about transmission risks that may result from puffing and passing from one person to another. For the same reasons that public health officials recommend that people wear face masks and maintain six feet of distance from others in public, people are taking different measures when consuming cannabis to protect their health and the health of their friends and loved ones.

«COVID-19 has caused everyone to rethink how we do things. When it comes to cannabis, people need easy and simple solutions that allow them to live their lives more safely,» says Perfect co-founder and CEO Dean Hollander. «Sharing cannabis with friends can be just as enjoyable if we create options that alleviate the need to share joints, pipes or other devices. Our PERFECTOs and micropipes coincidentally help customers do just that.»

Another benefit of Perfect’s products is that people tend to consume a much smaller amount per use, which cuts down on smoking or vaporizing cannabis flower. Because terpenes are frozen upon harvest and later infused into Perfect’s premium blends of different strains, each of Perfect’s products has a significantly stronger effect than comparable products. Lab results show that Perfect’s products have up to 60 times the terpene content of other leading preroll brands. 

«Cannabis can be a helpful tool in difficult times,» says Michael Backes, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of Perfect and author of Cannabis Pharmacy; The Practical Guide to Medical Marijuana. «It can help reduce jitters, promote restful nights and provide relief from body tension. However, it is now more important than ever to be safe when enjoying cannabis.»


Perfect offers terpene-infused blends of premium, fresh-from-harvest cannabis. Each of Perfect’s proprietary blends are designed to elicit a specific effect that helps customers feel the way they want to feel. Perfect’s products contain as much as 60 times the level of monoterpenes as leading pre-rolls. This results in a more potent effect and a broader «entourage effect» from the plant, allowing customers to use less product at a time. Perfect’s products, which also include their PERFECTO pre-rolls, are available via delivery throughout Southern California and the Bay Area and at select dispensaries throughout California. Currently, the company offers three blends, Happy Camper, Pick Me Up, and Night Cap, that are offered either in jars as flower blends or as PERFECTO pre-rolls. Visit https://www.perfect-blends.com to learn more.

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