LOS ANGELES, April 13, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Kimo Sabe, The New Face of Mezcal, won the top honor, Best In Class in the Agave Spirit Category at the American Distilling Institute Awards at their annual awards gala last Wednesday night.   This is the second consecutive year that Kimo Sabe won a Best In Class Award, top honors over all other tequilas and mezcals.  The win last year was unprecedented for any mezcal, winning the prestigious honor two years in a row established Kimo Sabe Mezcal as a taste leader in the fastest growing spirit category.   

The award is a signal that Kimo Sabe is not only The New Face Of Mezcal, but also The New Taste of Mezcal.  The smooth, satisfying and elegant taste of Kimo Sabe is in sharp contrast to the profoundly smoky taste and flavor of oaxacan style smoky mezcal’s, which limited the spirits appeal to a small sector of enthusiasts.  The analogy being Mezcal is to agave spirits what smoky style scotch’s are to the scotch market, both have a finite fan base.  In contrast, Kimo Sabe specially blends rich varietal agaves in an age old manner, but adds state of the art distilling techniques, including sonnification, the result being a mezcal designed to appeal to people who already enjoy high end sipping spirits, but are looking for their own distinctive drinking experience.  

«The American Distillers Award is meaningful and authentic, because their voting members are professional experts in the spirits field who understand and appreciate the nuances, subtleties and complexities of the craft.  By all accounts, the mezcal spirit category is primed to explode over the next couple of years.  Winning the Best In Class Award two years in a row, puts us at the forefront of that movement and validates our mission to become The New Face Of Mezcal,» said Ashley Walsh Kvamme, COO and co-founder of Kimo Sabe

Since winning the Best In Class award last year, Kimo Sabe has launched a major pro-social program to Build Bridges with Mexico, partnering with the Governor and Minister of Agriculture in Zacatecas, to establish Kimo Sabe as The New Face Of Mezcal.  The program will build a sustainable, organic, varietal agave ecosystem that will fund 100 new agave farms and create over 1,000 new jobs in the state.   

Just last month, Kimo Sabe was named the official and exclusive mezcal of SXSW and then went in and rocked Austin with a series of pop-up experiences and activations featuring free tastings of its award winning spirit, which generated a tremendous response from festival goers, who took the message home with them.

«The lines to try Kimo Sabe Mezcal at SXSW were three times longer than those right next to us offering fully established legacy brands, which reinforced our belief that the world is hungry for The New Face Of Mezcal,» said Jim Walsh, CEO and co-founder of Kimo Sabe.

Just this February, Kimo Sabe became the title sponsor for all nationally televised episodes and live streaming events for Poker Night In America.  The program features live interactive ads for Kimo Sabe Mezcal hosted by brand ambassador and world champion poker star Phil Hellmuth

Kimo Sabe Mezcal will march into Manhattan in time for summer with a new major partnership that will be announced shortly.

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