SAN FRANCISCO, April 26, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Nomiku, the Made in USA leader in the fast-growing category of sous vide, is excited to debut its Nomiku Sous Chef Meals program to 100 customers in California on May 15th with an aggressive national rollout to follow. Nomiku Sous Chef’s technology takes advantage of the connectivity of WiFi and RFID to eradicate every obstacle between home cooks and a delicious meal. Each delectable chef made meal, frozen for convenience, and nutrient preservation, has a unique RFID tag that tells the new machine exactly the right time and temperature to cook it.

  • All the cook has to do is wave a meal in front of the machine and then drop it inside the precise temperature pot of water.
  • Your machine and phone will alert you when the meal is ready to eat, typically 30 minutes.
  • The machine keeps track of inventory and automatically reorders when the cook is down to their last four packages of food.
  • Cooks are able to adjust their subscription at anytime, otherwise their default choices are shipped for them.


Meals are modular and priced at between $8-14 for mains and $4-6 for sides. An order of $80 (approx. 5 meals) qualifies for free shipping. Each machine is $149 at the beginning and once the customer reaches $300 (approx. 20 meals) in food we credit them $149 back in food—making the machine free, limit one per customer.

«This is the culmination of everything we’ve been working on since we started the company,» says Lisa Q. Fetterman, Nomiku CEO and bestselling author of «Sous Vide at Home.» «Our 3rd generation machine not only allows you to quickly prepare and eat the best food possible, but still has all the functionality of our connected WiFi device so that you can let your imagination run wild to create your own sous vide dishes at home, as well.»

The Nomiku Sous Chef launch comes at the heels of Samsung Venture Investment Corporation participating in an investment round in the startup.

Chefs on Main Street, Michelin-starred restaurants, and most everywhere in between have been dazzling diners with their sous vide creations for years. Nomiku led the way for people to use it at home in 2012 with the invention of the home sous vide immersion circulator funded by two successful Kickstarter projects totaling over $1.3M raised. They turned this modernist gadget into a useful everyday kitchen tool by dramatically reducing the price of the machine and redesigning it from the bottom up for at-home functionality. Five years later, the sous vide machine is turning into a mainstream darling and the advent of the Nomiku Sous Chef Meals program breaks the last barriers to make sous vide accessible to everybody.

See the Nomiku Sous Chef Meals menu:

About Nomiku

Founded in 2012, Nomiku invented the home sous vide immersion circulator and are the first to make it connected. Manufactured in the United States, Nomiku’s quality is renowned in the culinary world and put to the test in thousands of homes and the best restaurants in the world every night.

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