LOS ANGELES, June 19, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — During this time tons of unsatisfying music are being pushed and played all over the world- music that is void of substance – well maybe it is because those people who make it do not really care themselves.

This is not the case of Cali G, the California based producer singer-songwriter whose blend of smooth vocals, complimentary production and heartfelt lyrics offers some good advice on the possibilities if we can let go and open our minds.

Growing up in the same hometown as James Brown, Cali G grew up in poverty with limited opportunity. He knew he wanted to be in music before he was 6 years old. When he started a family at the age of 20, he honed his musical skills while providing for his family. It was plenty ups, downs, pains and hurts but through it all music remained a focal part of his life.

» I’ve tried all sorts of music of what I thought people wanted to hear from me,» Cali G explains with a warm smile and engaged eyes, » At the end of the day I want to create genuine, inspirational, and loving music to help change the world one beautiful human being at a time.»

Cali G’s new album Open Your Ears, Eyes, Hearts, & Minds is a grower album. These heartfelt songs shuffle you through a smooth yet concise journey of highs and lows about reciprocating love. This album conveys this love by speaking real answers to our current times which is needed now more than ever.

Simply amazingly sensational»- Reverend age 60

«Fire and Ice at the same time!»- Music Curator age 45

«Delivery is ICE..very smooth and cool, level-headed…nice work, bro!!!»- Vocalist age 32

«On time message for the current times and climate»- Journalist age 27

«This is dope»- Reviewer age 21

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