MILPITAS, Calif., June 18, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Pensando Systems, the company pioneering the new edge services model of enterprise and cloud computing, today announced the availability of its flagship Distributed Services Platform (DSP) as a factory-supported option on Industry-leading Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) infrastructure solutions in addition to availability through HPE GreenLake, HPE’s market-leading as-a-service platform.

Delivered as an option for HPE ProLiant servers, HPE Apollo systems, and HPE Edgeline Converged Edge systems, the Pensando Distributed Services Platform is designed to work in existing customer environments, and can be utilized in combination with many common network virtualization, security and orchestration frameworks. It provides high-performance scalable networking, security and storage functions, always-on, end-to-end telemetry, guarantees security through centralized policy management and dramatically simplifies IT operations. The Pensando solution enables pervasive network visibility using its hardware bi-directional flow streaming and traffic mirroring capabilities offering an enhanced experience and delivering significant additional value to HPE customers.

«We’re very excited with the progress we’ve made in the last 6 months, in particular what we’ve done with Hewlett Packard Enterprise,» said Prem Jain, CEO of Pensando. «As of today, our mutual customers can order truly integrated Distributed Services Platforms based on the industry-leading servers and backed by single-call HPE hardware and software support, all with a single purchase order. This vastly simplifies the purchasing process making it easier than ever for existing businesses to transform their current infrastructure into a cloud-like environment with unprecedented functionality, performance, cost-savings, scale, and observability.»

The Pensando Distributed Services Platform — Powering Cloud and Enterprise Computing

The explosion of data generated by applications inside and outside of the data center has enterprises of all sizes facing stark choices—scale up capacity with a traditional IT architecture or move more workloads to public clouds. Either approach means IT staff often end up spending more time managing complexity and infrastructure than they do innovating for the business.

Pensando has created a third option that overcomes the constraints of the other two, with the first secure, programmable, edge-accelerated platform that directly addresses the generational shift occurring as data pushes to the edge of the cloud. The foundation of the Pensando platform is a custom, fully-programmable processor optimized to execute a software stack delivering cloud, compute, networking, storage and security services wherever data is located:

  • Powers software-defined services at every node with cloud performance
  • Creates simple datacenter architectures that integrate with existing frameworks and feature always-on, end-to-end telemetry and centralized security policy management
  • Guarantees security — inherited from existing infrastructure — and compliance for all traffic, scaling across every host, preventing unauthorized root access to compute infrastructure
  • Hosting model agnostic empowering enterprises to rapidly deploy new services
  • Available as a standard option on the world’s best-selling servers

Creating this third option has been validated by explosive growth in demand for Pensando’s platform, and the startup has sales at over 150% of YTD goal despite the global pandemic and subsequent economic slowdown. Already, six Fortune 50 companies have proof-of-concept deployments using Pensando with HPE servers, in addition to multiple top-tier Public Cloud providers and SP’s.

«Pensando Systems was founded on the belief that there has to be a better way to address the complex issues facing IT today,» said Soni Jiandani, Pensando Chief Business Officer. «As a result of the ongoing global pandemic we have seen unexpected demand from both our enterprise and public cloud customers as they build out new infrastructure to meet the demand for increased remote access and cloud capabilities. Thanks in part to our partnership with HPE, we have been able to scale our supply chain to meet that demand and are readily prepared for even further growth this year.»

Learn More about HPE and Pensando at HPE Discover 2020
Further discussions and an in-depth demonstration of the partnership’s technology will take place at HPE Discover 2020, taking place June 23-25. As part of the virtual conference’s keynote address, Pensando chairman of the board John Chambers will be discussing how organizations can focus on recovering today while accelerating their digital transformations in the edge-to-cloud world.

  • Register for HPE Discover 2020: Link here
  • Keynote by Antonio Neri with John Chambers: Tuesday, June 23, 08:00 AM – 08:45 AM 8:00 a.m. – 8:45 a.m. US PT
  • Hewlett Packard Labs Vision for a Cloud-Native Enterprise Future by Dave Larson with Soni Jiandani (Session B452)
  • Reimagine Network and Security Services on HPE Servers With Pensando DSP (Session D552)

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About Pensando Systems
Founded in 2017, Pensando Systems is pioneering distributed computing designed for the New Edge, powering software-defined cloud, compute, networking, storage and security services to transform existing architectures into the secure, ultra-fast environments demanded by next generation applications. The Pensando platform, a first of its kind, was developed in collaboration with the world’s largest cloud, enterprise, storage, and telecommunications leaders and is supported by partnerships with Hewlett Packard Enterprise, NetApp, Equinix, and multiple Fortune 500 customers. Pensando is led by Silicon Valley’s legendary «MPLS» team — Mario Mazzola, Prem Jain, Luca Cafiero, Soni Jiandani and Randy Pond — who have an unmatched track record of disruptive innovation having already built 8 $Bn/Year businesses across storage, switching, routing, wireless, voice/video/data, & software-defined networking. The company is backed by investors that include Goldman Sachs and JC2 Ventures. To learn more about Pensando, the Pensando Distributed Services Platform, our partners and plans for the future, please visit us at or email us at [email protected]

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Hewlett Packard Enterprise is the global edge-to-cloud platform-as-a-service company that helps organizations accelerate outcomes by unlocking value from all of their data, everywhere. Built on decades of reimagining the future and innovating to advance the way we live and work, HPE delivers unique, open and intelligent technology solutions, with a consistent experience across all clouds and edges, to help customers develop new business models, engage in new ways, and increase operational performance. For more information, visit:

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