LOS ANGELES, April 26, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — pocket.watch, a media brand that creates, acquires, distributes and curates content for kids age 2-11 across a variety of platforms, today announced that it has partnered with HobbyKidsTV, a well-known family of 10 YouTube channels collectively pacing at 200-million views each month. As the first of an expected dozen or so partnerships with top YouTube creators, pocket.watch will provide HobbyKidsTV with hands on access to its visionary team of industry veterans like Albie Hecht and Jon Moonves, who have a proven track record for expanding nascent entertainment brands into multifaceted franchises.

«Not only does HobbyKidsTV have enormous reach, but they have uniquely risen above the YouTube fray to establish a widely recognized, high quality brand,» said Jon Moonves, Chief Strategy Officer of pocket.watch. «They exemplify the kind of partner pocket.watch will be joining with. We are incredibly proud to have HobbyKidsTV as the cornerstone of what will soon become a powerful cadre of creators.»

The first of its kind partnership will give HobbyKidsTV the opportunity to become actual owners of a fast growing media company, with a true seat at the table as they work with the pocket.watch team to extend their brand and creative vision into apps, books, animated series and toys. It will also give HobbyKidsTV access to digital experts who can help innovate new programming formats, develop original intellectual properties and stay ahead of the curve with the latest tools, trends and techniques for ensuring that content engages the widest possible audience. The partnership kicks off with a new animated series idea brought to pocket.watch by HobbyKidsTV that is now being fast tracked by Albie and the pocket.watch development team. In addition, pocket.watch is in deep discussion with a publisher on a series of books related to HobbyKidsTV.

«Like pocket.watch, we believe that the kids media universe is vast,» said HobbyDad at HobbyKidsTV. «Success on YouTube has given us a great foundation, and we are thrilled to tap into pocket.watch’s deep knowledge, resources and relationships to entertain and connect with more fans, in more ways than ever before.»

Among its features, the partnership provides pocket.watch with exclusive access to HobbyKidsTV’s library of over three-thousand videos for packaging and distribution on pocket.watch-branded offerings outside of YouTube, ideas from HobbyKidsTV that can be transformed into franchises by collaborating with pocket.watch’s seasoned creative team, and commercial opportunities brought about by HobbyKidsTV’s significant audience reach. HobbyKidsTV’s and pocket.watch’s goals and long term interests have been aligned via a significant equity grant in pocket.watch for HobbyKidsTV.

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About pocket.watch

pocket.watch is a media brand that creates, acquires, distributes and curates entertainment for kids ages 2-11 and presents it across a variety of platforms. The company was founded in March 2017 in Culver City, CA where it maintains an office and studio. The team is made up of studio veterans and visionaries from traditional and digital entertainment. Investors include Third Wave Digital and United Talent Agency (UTA), as well as notable strategic angels including Les Moonves, Robert Downey Jr. (Team Downey) and Jon Landau.

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