The company today announces the start of nationwide retail distribution of its biodegradable, compostable diapers, providing families across America a chance to eliminate their diaper waste.

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., April 26, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Poof Diapers (luxebabyINC.), America’s leading designer and manufacturer of high performance, premium eco-friendly diaper products founded in Silicon Valley, today announced the start of nationwide distribution of its products – the first-ever fully biodegradable, couture-designed, and fully compostable* diapers – and an Earth Week 2017 challenge to American families to begin to eliminate diaper waste, today.

«Diapers are the third largest consumer item in landfills, and represent 30% of non-biodegradable waste,» said Debra Lee, founder & CEO of Poof Diapers. «The only other items that outnumber diapers in landfills are newspapers and food and beverage containers, for which we have many good recycling options. The time is now to begin solving the dirty and dangerous problem of diaper waste.»  Poof diapers are made with the company’s own patented and engineer-optimized fabrics. Their breakthrough, proprietary diaper material is constructed with non-gmo corn, certified to world-wide biodegradable standards, and is compostable*. 

The company began R&D in 2009, in stealth mode as its products were designed and engineered. Online test sales starting in 2014 confirmed customer interest, and this week the company will begin a series of retail expansion announcements, to make its products more broadly available.  Stay tuned!

* Regarding Composting: Poof has begun partnerships with recommended commercial composting facilities and can now provide a full circle option in many communities. In these facilities, in 14 short weeks, nonagricultural soil is created and used for commercial landscaping purposes.  More information coming soon on facilities near you!

About Poof
Poof Diapers, founded in Silicon Valley in 2012 by technologist, leading couture designer, and mother of five children, Debra Lee, spent four years on R&D and early test sales, as we developed America’s first-ever fully biodegradable diaper. 

Poof’s proprietary diaper products are anti-bacterial, are made without chlorine, break down quickly, can be composted, are couture-designed, and are uniquely engineered to be higher performing.  Utilizing proprietary engineering and 3-D technology, Poof designed a CUSTOMIZED shape that fits babies better, with wider perforated side bands that feel better, and longer rise to perform better.  Poof is also the first diaper certified with both ANTIBACTERIAL and BACTERIOSTATIC features, and our products are CHEMICAL FREE, with no lotions, additives, fragrances, or surfactants —meaning less irritation, less diaper rash, and happier customers.  Our COUTURE INSPIRED designs are printed with soy based inks formulated for sensitive skin, and are designed to be beautiful and fun. Our BREAKTHROUGH, proprietary diaper material is made with NON-GMO corn, is certified to world-wide biodegradable standards, and is COMPOSTABLE.  Designed to wick away moisture from the skin, our diapers feel smooth, silky and soft. 

WE BELIEVE diapers do not need to last 500+ years, only hours, and can be made with sustainable materials to break down starting just 4-6 months after disposal.  Our mission is to help eliminate the THIRD LARGEST source of material waste in America, by creating diapers that are BETTER for your BABY, and BETTER for our PLANET.

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