Award-Winning Author and Northwestern Polytechnic University Professor Ahmed Banafa Pens New Book on Quantum Computing

FREMONT, Calif., Nov. 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Professor Ahmed Banafa of Northwestern Polytechnic University is a globally-recognized expert in the Internet of Things, blockchain, cybersecurity, and artificial intelligence.

His newest book, "Quantum Computing and other Transformative Technologies," explores the exciting field of Quantum Computing as a transformative technology and its applications in communications, cryptography, teleportation, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence, and Blockchain, in addition to the revolutionary concept of Quantum Internet.

Professor Banafa said, "With quantum computing, we can solve a problem that takes 10,000 years with supercomputers in 200 seconds. While it is still in its development stage, tech giants are putting in significant resources to build powerful quantum computers."

He continued, "Quantum computing technology is very promising and while continuous research and development are needed, there is potential for widespread practical applications for both consumers and businesses such as quantum internet and even quantum teleportation."

The book will be released in January 2022 and will be available for purchase on Amazon and other book retailers. Professor Banafa is available for quotes and interviews on this topic.

LinkedIn named Professor Banafa as the "No. 1 Tech Voice to Follow" in 2018. His research has been featured on multiple sites and in magazines, including Forbes, IEEE, and MIT Technology Review. He has been interviewed by ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, BBC, NPR, and Fox TV as well as numerous radio stations. He is also a member of the MIT Technology Review Global Panel.

He has served as an instructor at well-known universities and colleges, including Stanford University; University of California, Berkeley; California State University-East Bay; San Jose State University; and University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Please contact [email protected] for interview requests or additional information.

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