Demandbase Launches Demandbase Data (D2) Labs to Deliver Tailored Account Intelligence to Customers

New Group Drives Innovation in B2B With New Datasets and Custom Data Services Like Ideal Customer Profile-as-a-Service (ICPaaS)

SAN FRANCISCO, June 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Demandbase, the Smarter GTM™ company for B2B brands, today announces the newly launched Demandbase Data (D2) Labs. Known for its industry-leading ideas, the company created D2 Labs to drive B2B data innovation and help organizations embrace the power of Account Intelligence. Customers can now engage with Demandbase's data experts and data scientists directly to turn their incomplete, inactionable data into revenue-generating insights.

Services such as ICPaaS provide a customized "data as a service" to help companies identify the best accounts within their ideal customer profile (ICP). This particular service draws on insights from installed technologies, intent, skills, job openings, renewal dates and other attributes to identify the right accounts to go after. This is just one example of how D2 Labs can help solve one-of-a-kind business challenges using data-driven insights.

"If you don't understand your prospective customer's existing technologies and problems, you can't become their true trusted advisor. It's that simple... Demandbase Data Labs gives us the insights we need to become trusted advisors," Makoto Ishizaka, go-to-market and strategic initiative lead, Microsoft.

D2 Labs works with Demandbase clients by gathering their inputs and overlaying Demandbase's Account Intelligence. By leveraging Demandbase D2 Labs' proprietary machine learning models, we're able to show our clients which of their prospects have the highest likelihood of becoming customers and being in the market to buy their product or service.

"The right data at the right time, analyzed in the right way, can create astonishing results. Organizations that adopt the use of data in this way could see an increase in profit of multiple millions of dollars," says Meetul Shah, general manager, Data Cloud at Demandbase. "Many smart B2B leaders don't know how to take action on their data even when it's high-quality. D2 Labs upends this status quo, providing customers with top tier data and the knowledge of how to use it to shape business decisions. It's empowering top companies to equip their sales and marketing teams with highly focused data at their fingertips, and unlock extreme revenue potential as a result. This is what so many organizations have been waiting for, and we're thrilled that it's here."

D2 Labs combines Demandbase's Account Intelligence with specialty datasets, coupled with customers' raw data, and then turns it into actionable insights that can be applied immediately. By gaining access to the Demandbase data science team, B2B companies will be able to model their data like true experts and solve their most complex data needs.

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