ANELLO Photonics Announces the ANELLO Photonics Optical Gyroscope & GNSS/INS Evaluation Kit (EVK) For Autonomous Applications

Based on ANELLO's unique optical gyroscope solution and its Sensor Fusion Engine the ANELLO EVK is an ideal solution for Mapping, Surveying, Robotics, Construction, Trucking, Defense, Aerospace, and Autonomous Vehicle applications.

SANTA CLARA, Calif., June 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- ANELLO Photonics, the developer of the SiPhOGTM, today announced the availability of its Optical Gyroscope & Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) / Inertial Navigation System (INS) Evaluation Kit (EVK) for Autonomous Applications.

Powered by ANELLO's unique optical gyroscope solution and Sensor Fusion Engine, the ANELLO EVK can maintain centimeter accuracy in conditions where far more expensive ground-truth positioning and localization systems degrade. Additionally, the ANELLO EVK is accurate in extended full GNSS loss operation. Unlike other positioning and localization systems, the ANELLO EVK is more stable over wide temperature ranges and under extreme vibration due to its unique optical gyroscope solution.

"We are actively engaged with many customers to drive new technology adoption and explore how by providing high precision, highly scalable, optical gyro-based solutions we can accelerate and improve position accuracy for a wide range of autonomous use cases" said Mario Paniccia, CEO of ANELLO Photonics. "We see a lot of interest around our unique and innovative integrated silicon photonics technology and our product roadmap, and are excited to be working with many industry leaders looking for cutting-edge innovation."

The ANELLO EVK is designed to be easy to use while enabling seamless navigation and positioning in challenging GNSS-denied environments where accuracy is paramount.

"ANELLO's optical gyroscope solution is perfect for our offerings due to its performance compared to other MEMS solutions currently available and used by the industry. The ANELLO solution provides ease of installation together with high accuracy and reliability," said Sean Kish, CEO of Psionic. "Through our work with ANELLO, we're seeing significant improvements in the performance of our SurePath™ product for long-range precision navigation in GNSS-denied environments."

ANELLO Photonics is currently engaged in trials with market-leading customers in the Automotive, Robotics, Autonomy, Construction, Trucking, Defense, Aerospace, Mapping and Surveying markets.

About ANELLO Photonics

ANELLO Photonics is a leading-edge technology company based in Santa Clara, CA. The company has developed an integrated photonic system-on-chip technology for next generation navigation. ANELLO's SiPhOGTM gyroscope is based on its proprietary waveguide process that mimics the properties of optical fiber in an on-chip waveguide. Along with its sensor fusion engine, ANELLO Photonics is building solutions for the autonomous world.

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