MELBOURNE, Fla., May 1, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Paid Search marketers know that good results can lead to being given increased responsibilities – such as Paid Social, SEO, or other online marketing channels such as email – to increase reach.  Although spending more time on these other channels can be fun and rewarding, PPC campaigns still require constant attention – or those great results inevitably taper off.  With only one marketer examining campaigns part-time, it is extremely easy to miss critical details and make costly mistakes.  SEMCopilot is filled with features to make SEM campaigns more manageable…and higher performing.  This new PPC management software helps account managers reduce wasted spend, control their budgets, protect their brand, and get systematic about their work.

«SEMCopilot reflects my years of experience – to be frank – making mistakes with other people’s money,» said Ted Ives, CEO of SEMCopilot LLC.  «I manage numerous AdWords accounts on behalf of various clients, and we created this tool to aid me in that endeavor. It became so easy to use, many of my customers can now self manage their own accounts.»

SEMCopilot is the ideal choice for AdWords account managers – particularly «in-house» ones – or business owners whose agency has developed a solid set of campaigns for them but hasn’t been adding much value anymore.  This easy-to-use software combines sophisticated analysis with exceptional usability.

SEMCopilot automatically sorts search query reports into actionable categories. Account managers can identify geographic, question-oriented, and commercial terms, as well as potential negatives…and *positives* to add to their account. 

For Brand Protection purposes, you can quickly identify whether your display ads are running on sites that could expose your brand to criticism on social media, including inappropriate Viral Amusement sites, Political Sites, Dating Sites, and many other categories.

Budget control features include the ability to forecast projected spend for the month based on history and current month performance. Account managers can mark campaigns for pausing and simulate the impact their actions will take ahead of time, and can receive alerts when the spend rate is too high…or too low, before it’s too late to take action.

SEMCopilot also helps ensure campaigns are running smoothly by checking landing pages for common problems – redirects, 404 and «Soft» 404 errors, and speed issues. SEMCopilot acts as a «second set of eyes», alerting account managers to problems early, so they can prevent problems from affecting account performance.

«Our goal is to make SEM account managers successful by keeping them from getting fired, improving account performance, and freeing up their time for additional responsibilities,» said Ives.  «Our team has six decades of software development experience and 10 million+ software installations under our belt, at companies including Apple, Microsoft, Raytheon, and National Semiconductor.  We’ve worked on bid optimization platforms, enterprise security software, and server availability software, and are adept at providing a robust SaaS solution that search marketers can rely on.  I am personally delighted to be solving problems that are very close to my heart – having made many frustrating account management mistakes over the years.  SEMCopilot makes many of those mistakes avoidable and obvious, and frees users up to focus on adding value to an account, rather than worrying about day-to-day account performance.»

AdWords account managers can test drive the software and make numerous improvements to their account for free for 30 days, with no credit card needed, by visiting

About SEMCopilot LLC
SEMCopilot provides Software-as-a-service (SaaS) for Online Marketing Managers to manage their Paid Search Advertising Accounts.   For more information about SEMCopilot, visit

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