IRVINE, Calif., April 18, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Sena is the industry leader in Bluetooth innovation for the motorsports, action sports, and outdoor activities market. Sena has led the motorcycle industry in Bluetooth communications since 2010 and is now bringing their proven technology to the cycling world with the release of the first ever Bluetooth integrated cycling helmet, the X1. Sena has brought on cycling industry veteran Chris Clarke to lead the company’s new cycling division. Clarke and the Sena team will be at Sea Otter Festival this weekend to debut the final design of the Sena X1 cycling helmet.

«Chris brings his years of experience in leading sales teams in consumer product sales and distribution from Oakley, Ping and Vectrix along with other major cycling brands to our team,» says Rick Grassadonia, Vice President of Sales for Sena. «With Chris’s extensive knowledge of distribution strategy and creating global partnerships and our technologies we are excited about entering this new market.»

The X1 Cycling Helmet is equipped with a fully integrated Bluetooth communication system, allowing cyclists to stay in touch with up to three other riding companions via built-in intercom. Bluetooth 4.1 allows for riders to simply pair their smartphone to listen to data and cues from fitness apps, GPS directions, music, and even take and make phone calls. With open-ear audio, the X1 allows for a safer and more ambient way for riders to communicate while on the road.

«The new X1 helmet let me enjoy my music and communicate with the guys on the ride without earbuds and worrying about not hearing the traffic around me,» Clarke said. «It’s a simple way to ride connected to everything, safely.»

Shortly after the release of the X1, Sena will also be rolling out the X1 Pro. The X1 Pro has the same functionality and design as the X1, but comes with a built-in QHD (1440p or 1080p) action camera to seamlessly capture the audio and video for up to 2 hours.

Already on the market, the Sena 10C is a Bluetooth headset that can be attached to almost any full face helmet allowing for real-time communication along with an action camera to capture seamless audio and video, while the Expand is an over-ear Bluetooth headset that can be worn alone in a wide variety of outdoor sports from cycling to rock climbing.

As a first time exhibitor at the Sea Otter Fest, Sena is looking forward to enjoying all of the bikes, races and California sun. Sena will be located at Booth #896 and have the X1 available for testing. The X1 will have an MSRP of $199 (X1 Pro MSRP: $349). Interested dealers or sales representatives can email Clarke directly at [email protected]

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Sena Technologies, Inc. is the global leader in Bluetooth Innovation for the motorsports, action sports and outdoor sports lifestyles – enabling real-time communication and optimal performance in the thick of the action. Sena offers its products worldwide through its global network of distributors, retailers and OEM partners. 

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