WILMINGTON, Del., April 13, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — The Siegfried Group, LLP (Siegfried) is pleased to announce the addition of new Team Leaders in its Boston, MA, Detroit, MI, and Los Angeles, CA Markets.

«Being able to extend exciting leadership opportunities — like the Team Leader role — to our employees is just one result of our continued growth,» said Rob Siegfried, CEO and Founder. «When a Professional Resource becomes a Team Leader, they expand their leadership advisory capabilities, enhance their individual leadership, and become a trusted mentor to their colleagues.»

A Siegfried Team Leader supports a group of Professional Resources in his or her Market, helping them clarify their goals, and confirming that these goals are aligned with Siegfried’s higher purpose: We help People become better Leaders to exponentially improve their Lives. Team Leaders demonstrate how Siegfried helps its Professional Resources achieve their bigger future, as well as their personal and professional success.

Siegfried congratulates Andrew Armin, Dave Luciano, Lindsey Martin, Kendall Newport, Jose Sancen, and Brittany Todorov on becoming Team Leaders.

Andrew Armin, MSA, Associate Manager, Team Leader – Boston

Armin joined Siegfried in 2014 after working in PwC’s assurance practice. He earned his Bachelor of Business Administration in accounting at the University of MassachusettsAmherst, and subsequently completed his Master of Science in accountancy there. He is also a Microsoft Office Excel Expert.

Armin’s ability to quickly adapt to different environments and develop relationships with key personnel enables him to exceed expectations in even the most challenging client engagements. He has always emphasized the importance of teamwork and is very much looking forward to a closer working relationship with other high-caliber Siegfried Professionals. «As I transition into the Team Leader role, I am excited to build valuable connections with each and every one of my team members,» he said. «I cherish the opportunity to engage in thoughtful dialogue and assist these Professionals with identifying and achieving both professional aspirations and personal goals.»

When he’s able to step away from his Excel spreadsheets, Armin enjoys working out, participating in outdoor activities, and maintaining an active lifestyle. Spending time with friends and family is also important to him, and he always looks for new things to learn or experience.

Dave Luciano, CPA, Senior Associate, Team Leader – Boston

After working at PwC for nearly three years, Luciano joined Siegfried in 2016. He earned his Bachelor of Science in accounting and in finance, as well as his Master of Science in accountancy, at the University of New Hampshire.

Confident and results-oriented, Luciano is willing to take the lead on any challenge that presents itself in both his professional and personal life, and see it through to the desired result. «I have always looked forward to taking on any project that puts me out of my comfort zone and helps me grow as a professional and as an individual,» he said. «My new role as a Team Leader role will enable me to do just that, while also allowing me to fully invest in the relationships I have developed at the Firm.»

Luciano loves to travel to new countries and has made it a goal to do so at least once a year. In the next few months, he plans to travel to France and Eastern Europe. He loves sports, particularly hockey, and still plays it at least twice a week with his former college teammates.

Lindsey Martin, Manager, Team Leader – Los Angeles

Martin joined Siegfried in 2014 as Professional Resource after working at two different start-ups in the San Francisco Bay Area. Prior to that, she was a Senior Auditor at Grant Thornton. She earned her Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in accounting from Georgia State University. 

Ambitious and enthusiastic, Martin brings her confidence and positive energy to each situation, making her the ultimate team player. «I’m excited for the opportunity to be one of Siegfried’s Team Leaders. I look forward to connecting with my team and collaborating with other Team Leaders to ensure Firm initiatives are achieved and positive experiences are gained.»

Outside of the office, Martin enjoys stand-up paddleboarding, reading, spending time with close friends and family, and traveling.

Kendall Newport, CPA, CA, Associate Manager, Team Leader – Los Angeles

Newport, a Chartered Professional Accountant, joined Siegfried in 2015 after spending five years at PwC in Vancouver. She attended the University of Victoria and obtained her Bachelor of Commerce degree with a specialization in entrepreneurship. She also obtained her Master of Professional Accounting from the University of Saskatchewan.

Newport looks forward to transitioning into her new role as a Team Leader, saying, «I’ve always been a person who believes that the relationships we have, and the communities we’re a part of, are one of the greatest sources of fulfillment in our lives. That being said, I look forward to developing stronger relationships with my team members and assisting each of them in achieving their own vision of success.»

When she’s not in the office, you can find Newport trying new workout classes, spotting celebrities, and making her way through Los Angeles’ various hotspots. She also enjoys traveling, making the trip back home to visit friends and family as often as she can or taking time to explore places she hasn’t yet been.

Jose Sancen, Senior Associate, Team Leader – Detroit

Sancen joined Siegfried in 2015 as a Professional Resource after spending time as an experienced Assurance Associate at PwC. He earned his Bachelor of Science in accounting from Wayne State University in Detroit.

Sancen’s ability to lead, strong work ethic, humility, and positive attitude allow him to bring out the best in his teams. «I am truly honored by the opportunity to be a Siegfried Team Leader. Growing up in southwest Detroit and participating in community service projects has led me to the belief that we are here to be of service to others,» he said. «I embrace the additional responsibilities that come with this role and will strive to bring out the best in my team and inspire them to fully lean in to Siegfried’s initiatives.»

In his free time, Sancen enjoys spending time with his family and friends. He is an avid supporter of the revitalization of Detroit and volunteers his time by serving on advisory groups for local nonprofit organizations in ethnically-diverse and low-income urban communities. He is passionate about volunteering his time to teach financial literacy and mentor the youth in these communities. He believes that all kids need a little help, a little hope, and someone who believes in them.

Brittany Todorov, CPA, CA, Associate Manager, Team Leader – Los Angeles

Todorov joined Siegfried in 2014 as Professional Resource after serving as a Senior Accountant at KPMG. She earned her Bachelor of Business Administration degree in accounting and finance from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada, and is a Chartered Professional Accountant and Microsoft 2010 Excel Expert.

Todorov’s greatest strength is her ability to solve complex problems autonomously and her passion for excellence. «My interest in the Team Leader program stems from my desire to pass on what I’ve learned so far with the others in my market, and to spend more time with my Siegfried colleagues, who always impress and interest me.»

After growing up in Toronto and living in Vancouver for seven years, Todorov is thrilled to now reside in Southern California. In keeping with her passion for travel, she has been a Road Warrior since she started with Siegfried. Todorov enjoys reading and takes time for quiet reflection on a daily basis. She studies garment-making and has a passion for clothes. Above all, she loves and values her family and spends as much time as possible with them.

For more information about a career at Siegfried, please visit siegfriedgroup.com.

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