NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., April 25, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Strathspey Crown LLC announced today a new alignment of its asset portfolio held in affiliate Strathspey Crown Holdings LLC.  As part of this alignment effort, Strathspey Crown Holdings was renamed SCH-AEON LLC to signify its core focus upon its majority-ownership (76% equity ownership) in subsidiary, ALPHAEON Corporation, with secondary emphasis on its other healthcare, social media and clean-energy related assets. 

In addition to ALPHAEON Corporation, SCH-AEON will continue to hold ownership equity interests in Nanobiosym Diagnostics, Miroculus, Jiyo and the Bionatus group of companies, which include indirect equity positions in Bluon Energy, Luminas International, RevX Tech, ThrivalTech, Entangled Labs and Torus Tech.  The Company will also retain its rights to certain intellectual property related to the ShoutMD social media platform outside of self-pay healthcare and across all other industries and market segments.

«The new SCH-AEON portfolio alignment allows us to continue to build value toward future capital returns for equity holders.  SCH-AEON has a strong balance sheet with no bank debt and is well positioned for the continued advancement of its portfolio companies.  In 2016, ALPHAEON, through its Santa Barbara based subsidiary Evolus, completed its Phase III study of its neuromodulator and expects to file its Biologics License Application before the midpoint of this year.  We are particularly encouraged by the recent accomplishments at ALPHAEON and look forward to the future achievement of its regulatory and commercial milestones in 2017 and beyond,» said Robert E. Grant, Chairman of Strathspey Crown.

Grant further commented, «in addition to our core ALPHAEON equity holding, we are pleased that our portfolio companies continue to achieve their various progress milestones.  Of particular note is the recent 2017 FDA Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for Nanobiosym’s Gene-RADAR® Zika Virus Test.  We believe this technology represents an important advance in ‘real-time’ Zika testing and congratulate Nanobiosym Diagnostics on the recent FDA EUA,» said Grant.

Additionally, the SCH-AEON LLC Supervisory Committee unanimously voted to enter into a sale transaction on March 26, 2017 of certain trademarks, various survey data and other work product to CONCIERGE KEY Health LLC, an on-demand service to elite physician specialists. As part of the transaction, CONCIERGE KEY Health agreed to pay an up-front cash payment, as well as make earn-out payments over ten years based on a percentage of CONCIERGE KEY sales.

SCH-AEON also entered into a co-promotion agreement with World Physicians Organization (WPO), a leadership organization for the world’s elite physician specialists. WPO agreed to pay earn-out payments of its annual profits to SCH-AEON over ten years.

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About ALPHAEON Corporation:
ALPHAEON Corporation is a privately held company focused on bringing highly innovative products and services to the medical aesthetics arena.  The company works in partnership with board certified physicians ensuring access to leading advancements in lifestyle healthcare.  For more information, please visit

About Bionatus LLC:
Bionatus LLC, focuses on developing breakthrough scientific discoveries into successful end-stage businesses with significant global impact. Occupying a unique role as both the founders and co-executives of its companies, BIONATUS provides strategic and business development oversight while maintaining guiding principles that are focused above and beyond just financial return, rooted in delivering technologies that benefit humanity and the environment. Bionatus LLC, is a certified Benefit Corporation. For more information, please visit

About Nanobiosym Diagnostics:
Nanobiosym Diagnostics (NBSDx) is commercializing Gene-RADAR® to bring real-time, gold-standard mobilized and personalized diagnostics to over 7 billion people, including the 4 billion people who currently lack access to centralized diagnostics labs. By providing next-generation tools that decentralize, personalize, and mobilize the delivery of healthcare, NBSDx empowers each person to take ownership over their own health. The company was founded by Nanobiosym Chairman and CEO Dr. Anita Goel, MD, PhD- a Harvard-MIT trained physicist and physician and was the winner of the first XPRIZE to ever be awarded in Healthcare- and is headquartered in Cambridge, MA. For more information, please visit

About Jiyo:
Jiyo is a comprehensive digital platform that allows users to engage, learn, and interact with a diverse range of information, articles, videos and reminders that help them to be their best selves. Jiyo’s intuitive technology tracks users’ behavior and then offers insights and suggestions based on their habits. This 360-degree wellness covers exercise, meditation, relationships, finances, and finding purpose in the everyday. Jiyo’s aim is to make users more aware, identify their unique sets of strengths, and create a pathway to making every moment of life count.  For more information, please visit

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