OAKLAND, Calif., June 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — StructionSite, Inc., provider of intelligent project tracking software,  has announced the launch of SmartTrack®, an automated production tracking tool that applies artificial intelligence and photo recognition to imagery captured during site documentation to quantify the materials installed and the rate at which work is completed on a jobsite. SmartTrack makes tracking the installation of visible scopes-of-work an organized and seamless process.

StructionSite’s first version of this product is geared toward drywall and framing trade partners. SmartTrack for general contractors is coming this fall. Additional scopes for various trades are slated to launch in the future.

SmartTrack provides critical data to construction project teams on the installation rate of completion for drywall and framing, using the visual data from site documentation already captured on the jobsite. With minimal effort on part of the users, high-value information is delivered to businesses, which allows them to coordinate and solve problems efficiently, identify areas at risk on their jobsite and win more profitable work.

«Our goal is to build a low effort, high-value production tracking solution that provides insights from site documentation to enable you to make better decisions faster. SmartTrack takes the grey area out of construction by bridging the information gap between the field and the office.»
– Brianna Williams, Sr. Product Manager, StructionSite

With their patent for Imagery-Based Construction Progress Tracking, StructionSite is able to analyze the site documentation imagery captured through VideoWalk® and translate the detected elements in an image into different material types. The data then corresponds to the right stud/drywall/ceiling element that has been defined on a construction drawing and statuses work that has been completed. This method is unique in that it does not require a point cloud to be imported, and only requires a low cost, consumer-grade 360° camera, and the StructionSite app. While this method also makes a detailed BIM optional, a model can also be used to supplement the process.

«SmartTrack gives a real dollars-and-cents value to site documentation. That’s value we get right away, not just a cheap insurance policy.»
– Brendan Murray, Chief Financial Officer, Southmost Drywall

For more information on how SmartTrack can help your company’s production tracking process, contact us today for a demonstration.

About StructionSite

StructionSite is fueling the intelligent construction revolution with the introduction of SmartTrack®, the first automated production tracking tool of its kind. With our intelligent project tracking software, teams get in-depth insights into the status of work completed on a jobsite. Using our iOS or Android application, walk the jobsite recording a 360° video and our AI-powered algorithms map them to the project drawing. SmartTrack translates the photo data into regular updates of installed work, providing actionable insights for your team. Learn more at StructionSite.com.

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