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When it comes to weather and auto insurance, there are several misconceptions. In many cases, auto insurance policies have nothing to do with the weather in an area because they simply do not reimburse for damages caused by tornadoes, flooding and extreme weather in general.

Winter does not make auto insurance more expensive!

A common misconception that many drivers have involves snowy weather and auto insurance. Many believe that during the winter months, prices go up de to the worsening driving conditions. However, this is not true. In fact, across the United states, December is the cheapest month to buy auto insurance in.

Comprehensive auto insurance is the only policy influenced by weather

Comprehensive auto insurance pays benefits if the vehicle is affected by extreme weather or damaged by vandalism, animals, flooding and fire. The policy also pays benefits in case the vehicle is stolen.  In some areas, prone to flooding or extreme weather, comprehensive auto insurance is an important investment.

Because it provides coverage for damages caused by natural disasters, this policy can be more expensive in areas that suffer heavy rainfall and floods. However, clients who live in such areas usually do need comprehensive auto insurance.

How to find cheap auto insurance by comparing online quotes

Comprehensive coverage is mostly affordable. Clients can get low premiums by using online quotes to compare prices. By comparing multiple policies, a driver will be able to reduce his/her coverage expenses by more than 25%.

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