FREMONT, Calif., June 18, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — There is perhaps a lot about Dinesh Sah (, the new CEO of the startup ChargEdge Inc., currently based in California, that the world will soon want to know very eagerly about. «But not all of it can be fully revealed at this moment» hints Sanjaya Maniktala, the CTO and founder of ChargEdge, Inc. He further clarifies: «Indeed, Dinesh also serves as CEO of another company with extremely exciting but secretive products related to ‘television displays’ or ‘billboards’, shall we say? But that’s all we can reveal for now! Yes, we openly admit an unusual technological synergy and meeting of minds has fallen into place, and thus Dinesh, is the person who will take ChargEdge to its rightful place in history.»

The story behind this memorable historic moment sprawls several decades. Very long ago, a curious friendship started to develop. The year: 1988. Place: Kanjur Marg, Bombay (now Mumbai). Dinesh Sah and Sanjaya were both wide-eyed new hires, joining on the very same day, allotted to the same team (computer hardware and software group), at the Central Research and Development (R&D) Center of what was India’s largest privately owned (though publicly traded) electrical company, Crompton Greaves Limited (CGL). CGL is now simply «Crompton» (

CGL had their fingerprint all over anything considered «electrical», as Sanjaya recalls. Heading their very well-funded, bustling R&D Center was VP/GM Dr. GT Murthy, or just «Doc». Doc had been a Physics Professor at the famed Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, and at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He was perceived to be extraordinarily honest and fair, especially to younger, struggling engineers, as voiced in an article titled «Mentors are Life-Changing», on the EE Times/EDN network: .  As mentioned therein, Doc often warned: «Technology is not a king’s court…you are only as good as your data and facts.» That became a guiding principle for all the emerging researchers at CGL. 

Both Dinesh and Sanjaya, experienced, and benefited, if not survived, due to Doc’s fairness too, in similar, if slightly different, ways, and thus came to look up to «Doc» as their inspiration for life. Eventually, as expected, their paths parted, diverging into incredibly different trajectories, but have come together full circle in 2020.

A unique opportunity now exists for ChargEdge, headed by Dinesh. Having known Sanjaya’s, i.e. Doc’s approach to hard, fact-based, data-driven, R&D, for years, though it was clear that there were several high-profile failures or flops in the area of wireless power transfer, Dinesh got convinced that ChargEdge had «got it right.» He was aware that Sanjaya had made several public attempts to selflessly explain the problems others were experiencing, such as at a very highly-viewed IEEE seminar ( and even recently through a Bodos Power article .  

ChargEdge has perfected magnetics and firmware to deliver the highest power at the highest efficiency, while staying at the safest frequency level of below 150 kHz, promising «better than backwards Qi-compatibility.»  The future is here.

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