CARLSBAD, Calif., May 1, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Nimble Software Systems Inc., providers of workforce operations software and solutions, today announced the launch of the Ximble Time Clock App for tablet devices. Integrated with the wider platform, the Ximble Time Clock App allows for easy employee check-in and check-out using PIN codes or QR code scanning, with a photoClock feature to verify employee identity when checking in.

According to Nucleus Research, 19 percent of employees admit to buddy clocking a practice whereby employees clock in for each other. This practice is often used to disguise tardiness, longer breaks, or even entirely missed shifts. This practice accounts for over 2% of gross payroll losses. Not only is the practice financially draining, it often leads to mistrust and management challenges for the company.

«Traditional time clocks have always required a great deal of manual work, complex spreadsheets, and antiquated checks in a system prone to errors or human manipulation,» said Peter Swaniker, founder and CEO of Nimble Software Systems. «The Ximble Time Clock App leverages the ease of tablet technology with the convenience and accuracy of electronic and photo identification for an easier, more accurate time clocking process.»

The Time Clock App for tablets is designed to provide an easy, convenient, and accurate way for employees to check in for their shift. Workers can punch in fast with unique PIN codes. For employers that find PIN codes a hassle or too easy to forget, the App allows employees to check in using QR codes as well. Employees simply scan the code from their mobile phones, or print out the codes for easy access.

Best of all, the Time Clock App helps businesses stop the practice of «buddy clocking.» Employers have the option of turning on the photoClock feature, which uses the tablet’s built in camera to take a picture during every clock in, ensuring that employees only clock in for themselves and not each other.

The Time Clock App works seamlessly with Ximble’s online and mobile software platform, which provides a powerful suite of scheduling, time tracking, and rich reporting features that help companies better manage, communicate with, and optimize their staff. The Ximble Time Clock App provides a clear history of clock-ins and clock-outs, which directly integrates with the existing Ximble platform tracking features, delivering the data in seconds, allowing employers to inspect and approve time entries and manage employee attendance.

Access to The Ximble Time Clock App is free for Ximble subscribers, with subscriptions starting at only $2/user/month. Try for free today at

A Complete Scheduling and Time Tracking Tool

Subscribers not only gain access to the Ximble Time Clock App for Tablets, they also gain access to the platform’s full roster of features including:

  • Fully customizable scheduling software – manage locations, availability, and optimize labor cost based on budget
  • One dashboard management for improved roster and scheduling visibility with real time check-in or availability change updates
  • ximbleChat for instant, bi-directional communication with employees
  • Mobile Time clocking with GPS tag, or Geo-Fence with easy employee check in from web, text, or with the Ximble Time Clock app for tablets
  • Run payroll in seconds with Ximble timesheet software
  • Overtime, Outside Office Work Time, Paid Time Off, and Sick Day tracking
  • Rich reporting to monitor employee hours, punctuality, and minimize no shows and tardiness
  • Integration with existing HR, Point-of-Sale, and Payroll software
  • Access from web or mobile platform for easy scheduling and review on the go

Ximble features a multi-language platform used in over 30 countries as well as industry-leading 24/7 live support. The Ximble Time Clock app combines seamlessly with Ximble’s existing schedule building and management software for optimized work force management, helping companies reduce absenteeism by up to 70% and decrease staff time management by 40%.

About Nimble Software Systems Inc.

Nimble Software Systems’ Ximble product delivers an intuitive, web-based employee scheduling and time & attendance solution that helps companies streamline and automate their workforce operations while increasing communication and flexibility. Ximble offers a powerful and easy to use suite of schedule building and time keeping features that help companies schedule better, track better, and manager better. For more information about the company’s products, please visit:

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